I’m regularly asked what my favourite beauty product is which can be hard to answer as I am constantly discovering new products. I usually reply by saying what my current favourite is. This gave me an idea for a new series – ‘My Current Favourite….‘.… View Post

This time last year I took a rather impromptu trip to Reykjavik, Iceland with my youngest son. I booked a four night stay at the Grand Hotel, a 20 minute walk from the centre of Reykjavik. It’s definitely a place I would recommend visiting and… View Post

  I had a rare situation recently when I had run out of cleansing balm. I say rare, as it is almost unheard of for me not to have multiple cleansing balms on the go! I happened to be in a John Lewis store where… View Post

I don’t think it will surprise anyone when I say I am passionate about beauty. You may, however, be surprised to learn I am also passionate about raising awareness about type 1 diabetes. This comes from having a daughter who developed type 1 diabetes at… View Post

It’s not often that I write a hair care post on here; makeup and skincare tend to dominate the blog. I do, however, have a few products that, quite frankly, I couldn’t be without and want to share them with you. I should probably mention… View Post