Recently, I encountered a bit of a rebellion from my (teenage) children when we were on holiday over Easter. They hated putting their sun cream on. In fact, after I said “you put it on or stay in your room”, one of them did just that, stayed in their room!… View Post

Upping My Skincare Game! I have been aware over recent months, that as I get older, my skin may be needing a little ‘extra’ in terms of skincare. What that ‘extra’ was, I was unsure of, but after doing some research, I decided I needed to up my skincare game… View Post

My skin definitely looks it’s best with a summer glow. Whether that’s natural or with a little help from some carefully chosen makeup. Dr Hauschka Transulcent Bronzing Tint I have been adding this Dr Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint* (£28.50) to my base products for some time now. It has quickly become… View Post

I’ve gathered quite a few new makeup peices over the past few weeks and, although it’s early days for full reviews, I thought I’d let you know my first impressions. I resisted the urge to snap up something from Hynt Beauty when Glow Organic started selling it a little while… View Post