It’s now a little under 7 weeks until the 24th May when I will take part in the London2Brighton Challenge. A 100k walk from London to Brighton!

I have days when I think, “bring it on!” and moments when I feel slightly nauseous at the thought of walking for 24+ hours. 

Training is well underway, in fact, I probably couldn’t do more than I am doing.  I joined a gym at the beginning of the year which I go to 3 times a week and, as well as walking the dogs for over 4k each day, I have been walking approximately 30k one day a week. 

I have to be honest, I’m not getting on with the gym!  It is not your regular gym. It’s a converted garage in our village. No pool, no sauna and no coffee shop!  The sessions are run in small groups and you work with a trainer on circuits. I hate it. It’s hard core and there’s nowhere to hide! I’m pretty sure I’m their most reluctant client they have! I will keep it up until the end of May, but not sure I will continue after that.

My training walks have been eventful. I usually walk with my friend Clare, who is also taking part in the challenge.  We have have had to really improve our map reading skills! We started our walks with a print out of our route stuck together with sticky tape.  Needless to say, we never completed those ones successfully!  We have now progressed to a grown up Ordenance Survey map (although failed to bring the right one on one of the walks!). We’ve been shouted at crossing a golf course, which I was 99% sure we were in the right – we weren’t. We’ve had wardrobe malfunctions and found out my pricey walking shoes didn’t fit!

I went for my first long walk with my husband, Mat, yesterday and felt like I was on some sort of army exercise. I asked if we could cut it short after 2 hours – it was getting stressful! After a few mint toffees my spirits were up again and we managed to finish the walk as a team (although I’m sure he threw in a few hills as punishment for complaining!).

I have a few worries about the actual day, probably not common ones. Food is a big concern for me. What will I fancy eating? I want variety, but don’t want to be weighed down! I also feel I need to practice weeing in a bush (something Clare’s got down to a fine art). I’m worried about being bored, so am thinking of games we can play along the way (that’s not been received well by my team mates). I’m also starting to think of a playlist for my Ipod – any suggestions welcome. 

I’ve discovered so much of my local countryside and watched Winter turn to Spring. I do sometimes find myself thinking “why am I doing this?”, but I know why. I want to raise as much money as possible, along with awareness, for Type 1 diabetes – I’m doing this for Izzy.    

(If you’ve read this far, do click on the YouTube link below to find out about life with Type 1).


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