I’m quite a hard task master when it comes to trying new products and can be quick to dismiss something before really giving it a chance. I often use a product once or twice and, if I’m not blown away, put it to one side. There’s been a few products recently, which, at first didn’t impress me, but actually, I ended up really liking.

The W3LL People Altruist Mineral Foundation is one of those. When I first bought this, I wasn’t convinced it was for me. It was up against it from the beginning, as I tend to prefer using a liquid foundation. I didn’t love the finish it gave me and I was a little disappointed. However, I preserved with it, using it to set my foundation from time to time and then using it as my base and, I’ve grown to really like it. I’m not sure what changed, but it’s something that I’ll keep in my kit.

The second product forgotten about was the Chuckling Goat Refresh Bath Melts*, which was sent to me as part of a ‘Skin Care Tool Kit‘ set to try. I don’t know why these passed me by. I love these and have just ordered another box (I’m going to give the Soothing Bath Melts a try this time). They’re handmade using coconut butter and coconut oil, with spearmint essential oils (great for after exercise) and are such an easy way to add moisture to your body while enjoying the uplifting scent.

I bought the Indie Lee Body Balm in New York as it was on sale for a ridiculously low price (and I love the Indie Lee Squalane Oil). I knew at the time it was an impulse buy, as I’m not good at moisturising my body and never get through body lotions. True to form, it stayed unopened until a couple of weeks ago. My skin has been particularly dry after my trip to Dubai and I could not ignore the fact it needed help. This balm is gorgeous. It melts on the skin and leaves a lovely, subtle glow, without being greasy. I think this could be one of the first body products that I use up.

The last product, which, bizarrely is now a holy grail product of mine, is The Earth Works Cosmetics Rose Moisturiser. I first tried this probably over a year ago now and didn’t not like it, but didn’t find myself reaching for it. Like with the W3ll People foundation, I don’t know what changed, but this is such a great general moisturiser. I think I’m using my third bottle now – I’m so glad I didn’t let this pass me by!

What beauty products have you grown to love?


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