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I’ve had my eye on the Avril Cosmetics range for a while now. I think I’ve been put off by the price; not because it is too expensive, but because it is so cheap! The most expensive item listed here is £6.95!

Avril is a French make-up brand certified by Ecocert. All of their products are formulated with at least 95% natural ingredients and at least 10% organic and are also cruelty free.

Spurred on by Kate from Wild Organic Beauty, I ordered myself a selection of Avril products from Cosnatural and I found some gems!

Eye Shadow (Desert)

I really like this shadow and will certainly be going back for more. It is great for brightening the eye area and also for highlighting the inner corner of your eye. I have been using it on top of RMS Beauty Eye Polish in Myth. I’ve used it every day for a week now. I want to try Beige Mat and Cuivre Irise next.

Eyebrow Pencil (Brown)

First impressions are this is a little too harsh for an eyebrow pencil. I tried it once and didn’t love it. I need to have a play with it and see if it could work for me.

Lipstick Pencil (Rose Delicat)

I love the colour of this lip crayon. My only gripe would be that it needs sharpening almost after the first use, which I think this would bother me over time.

Blusher (Peche Rose)

I love the shade of this blusher. It’s highly pigmented and applies well – and it’s only £4.85! There is a but, however. There is a substantial amount of loose powder in the pan when you go in with your brush. Which does create a bit of a mess. Not a deal breaker, but something to consider.

Lipstick (Saumon)

This is my second Avril Cosmetics lipstick. They are not the longest lasting lipsticks, but do keep your lips feeling nicely moisturised. I find the longer the lipstick lasts, the drier they feel. This lipstick shade really compliments the blush.

Nail Polish (Nude)

This nail polish is £3.50 and, first impressions are it’s pretty good! I’ve had it on for a few days now and I’m really impressed. The colour is lovely and opaque and it’s lasted well. My nails are certainly not chip free as I type, but I didn’t put a top coat on and I’ve used polishes which are not as good as good as this. I don’t love the brush. It’s quite long and ‘flimsy’ feeling, but I will 100% try another shade.

Have you tried anything from the Avril Cosmetics range?


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