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I’ve tried a few new products recently which have really impressed me – I love finding and sharing new favourites. 

The Earth Works Cosmetics Rose Melissa Nourishing Toner

I am a big fan of TEWC and I added this to my basket when reordering a Regenerating Night Treatment (a holy grail product of mine). Some mornings I don’t feel the need to cleanse and this is the perfect way to freshen up your skin quickly. I’m almost at the end of the bottle and will be repurchasing this.

Botanicals Organic Flower Water (Lavender/Rose Geranium)

I don’t usually like to rave about a product until I have given it a proper road test, but first impressions on these organic flower water sprays are fab-u-lous! I love using a facial spritz as part of my every day skincare routine and am currently testing out a few. Although the ingredients in all of them are lovely – quite often the spray lets them down. There is nothing more annoying than a dodgy nozzle! I want a nice, fine, evenly distributed spray – these score 10/10.

I received these two bottles this week, just in time for the warm weather. As well as using these after cleansing, I love spritzing throughout the day to freshen up when the temperature rises. The Lavender water was an unusual choice for me as it’s not my favourite scent. However, I chose it to use before bed (I spray over my face, hair and pillow) and I’m not sure whether it’s coincidence or not, but I‘ve used it twice and had the best night’s sleep!

The lightweight 100ml bottle makes them great for travelling with too.

Antipodes Reincarnations Pure Facial Exfoliator

I have loved using this facial exfoliator. I like to massage this in to dry skin (not moist as instructed – I’m such a rebel), paying particular attention to my forehead, sides of nose and my chin. I then leave it for a minute or two before washing off with a warm flannel. It has some great ingredients used such as avocado oil and calendula oil along with the scent of cederwood and sweet orange. This is one of the best exfoliators I have used.

W3LL People Colourstick – 7 Creamy Peony

This little pot (and it is little!) came as a free gift with a recent Cult Beauty order and I love it! It’s pretty much the only lip and cheek product I’ve used over the past couple of weeks. I love the colour and the fact it actually stays put! I’ve found other lip and cheek products look great at first but disappear fast.

I find it lasts incredibly well on my lips – acting more like a stain with a semi-matte finish, which can be a little drying, but nothing that would put me off using or recommending it. I’ll definitely be buying this in another shade, perhaps Dusty Rose. As I mentioned, the pot is tiny (although with enough product to last a long time) and is a little awkward to use. The full size version comes in stick format and will be much more convenient.

What have you been loving lately? Let me know in the comments below…..


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