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I set myself a mission over the past few months to try out some of the natural and organic mascaras on the market.  This was an area of green beauty that I was particularly concerned about when switching from ‘regular’ make-up.

I have found this post so hard to write. I started diligently photographing my lashes at the same time every day with the various mascaras – until I got confused and couldn’t remember which photo linked to which mascara! So, I gave up, although I can’t give you photos, I can promise you my honest opinion on eight (yes eight) natural and organic mascaras.

 Many people have a problem with mascara smudging under the eyes. Sometimes it may not be the mascara at fault. Make sure your lashes are free from any skincare before you apply your mascara as any product residue will effect the performance. I usually curl my lashes before applying a couple of coats of mascara. I also like to comb them through with a spoolie.

Four of the eight mascaras I’d class as favourites and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend. I think I would repurchase either Lily Lolo or W3ll People for a more dramatic effect and Green People or Nat Origin for a more natural look. My lashes are naturally dark and fairly thick (although I have noticed them getting thinner as I get older).

My favourites….

 Lily Lolo | Natural Mascara (£11.49)

This has a nice bristly wand and gives a decent amount of volume – possibly the most volumising out of all the mascaras. It stays put and is the cheapest out of my top four.

 W3LL People | Expressionist Mascara (£19.00)

This was a late comer to my list and was brought to my attention by Ailish (The Glow Getter). Already a fan of W3LL People I had to give it a go. I really like the consistency (not too wet), it gives a nice amount volume and length and there is no smudging.

 GreenPeople | Volumising Mascara (£15.50)

This was a name that kept cropping up whenever anyone asked about a natural mascara on social media. I wasn’t sure of the plastic brush at first, being more of a bristle fan, but this won me over. A great, natural looking mascara with no smudging. I’d possibly say this is more lengthening than volumising though.

 NatOrigin | Lengthening Mascara (£15.95)*

This was another mascara I’d heard mentioned on social media and was delighted to be sent one to try. It arrived just before my trip to Dubai so I really put it to the test! This is a great, easy to use, every day mascara. I like the formula which I’d describe as quite dry and again, no smudging. I think this would suit most lash types.

 Could do better…

Jane Iredale | PureLash Lengthening Mascara (£18)

This was the first natural mascara I tried and I really liked it. However, compared to the four above I’ve subsequently tried, it does drop down my list.

Pacifica | Stellar Gaze Length and Strength Mineral Mascara (£15.45)

I expected more from this mascara. Now, I do like a big brush, but this brush is scarily big! I also found the formula a little too wet. With a combination of brush and formula, I rarely managed to apply this without getting product on my eye lid as well as my lashes.

Benecos | Natural Mascara Maximum Volume (£6.95) 

Although a great price, I found this mascara smudged much more than the others. I want to be able to put my mascara on and forget about it. The formula was quite wet too.

 Lavera | Intense Volume Masacra (£12.90) 

I found this mascara a little too natural for me. It did also smudge under my eyes after a while. Not a disaster, but I have tried better brands.

Have you got a favourite natural mascara?


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