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 Myroo Superfood Balm* £25

 Myroo is an artisan skincare company based in the north of England. All their products are handmade in small batches using natural ingredients. They have recently launched a totally ‘Free From’ range, worth checking out if you’re an allergy suffer.

I was sent this Superfood Balm to try by founder Rachael and went through it so quickly (a really good sign). I don’t usually rush to buy a multi-purpose balm, and, although it does have multiple uses, I used it on my hands and saw a real benefit in the condition of my nails. I’m very tempted to replace this. (I have written a full review here).

RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up £28

RMS Beauty is an American company using only natural and organic ingredients in their products and is all about the healing qualities of their ingredients. Founder Rose-Marie has been a make-up artist for over 35 years, so really knows her stuff! I was lucky enough to meet Rose-Marie in ABC Carpets in New York earlier this year. She’s so passionate about green beauty.

This was a much raved about concealer that I reluctantly bought towards the end of last year. I say reluctantly as I wasn’t a big concealer user so I wasn’t sure it was worth me spending £28 on the little pot. Fast forward a few months and I now regularly ditch the foundation only using Un Cover-Up to cover any imperfections. A great concealer for mature skin. I already have a replacement for this.

 Sisley Soir De Lune £81

 I wasn’t sure if I was going to include this as it’s not a ‘green’ beauty product. Perfume is an area of natural beauty I have yet to fully commit to. I have a few absolute favourite scents which I’m just not ready to give up yet! I feel this (pricey) bottle from Sisley has such a unique fragrance. I get so many complements when I wear this. I’m very sad that it’s now in an empties post!

 Weleda Deodorant £6.95

Weleda is all about the health of it’s customers. It started off as a pharmaceutical company in 1921 and that medicinal thread can be seen within their natural products today.

I have gone through a few bottles of this deodorant, in various scents and have been very happy (hence the ‘few’ bottles) with it. However, now that the warmer weather is here (I’m hoping it hangs around), I have found that this was just not working so well for me. I am currently trying a Salt of The Earth deodorant.

Green People OY! Soft Glow Gradual Tan £11.95

Regular readers will know I am having a love affair with Green People at the moment! Green People was created when founder Charlotte was driven to create products for her daughter Sandra who was battling multiple skin allergies. In her search on the high street, she discovered that you only needed 1% of ingredients in a product to call it natural – scary stuff. I have multiple favourites from their range and have now introduced my daughter to them.

This is from Green People’s ‘Organic Young’ range which I recently bought for my daughter. She has used this almost every day since I gave it to her and it’s now coming to an end. She has pale skin and this self tan has given her a gorgeous, ‘just been on holiday’ look. I will definitely repurchase and will be tempted to use this myself!

 Youth to The People Cream £42

A new brand to me, Youth to The People is a family run company based in California, USA. Products are made in small batches combining natural ingredients and science. I am looking forward to trying more products from YTTP.

I received this Kale & Spinach Green Tea Hylauronic Acid cream in my A Beautiful Word Summer Sampler box. It was by far the best item in the there for me, although I would have loved a bigger pot. What I got out of this pot (approximately 4 applications) I loved. I felt it gave a great deal of hydration and left my skin looking plump and with an added glow. I am very tempted to buy the full sized version of this.

TEWC Citrus Coconut Body Cream* £19.95

I have a few ‘hero products’ from The Earth Works Cosmetics, another artisan company based in the UK making  products by hand with natural ingredients.

This was sent to me as part of a set to try. I am extremely lazy when it comes to body care, but used this before my winter sun holiday in February and have used it along side my Green People Self Tanning lotion recently (see my review for that here). I like the easy to use pump dispenser and the texture of the lightweight texture of the cream. For a non-body moisturiser user, I give this a big thumbs up (along with the body scrub that it comes with).

TEWC Regenerating Rose Face Moisturiser £16

This is one of those ‘hero products’ that regularly pops up in an empties post. It’s an easy to use, every day moisturiser. It’s rich enough to give a decent amount of hydration, but does not cause me to breakout. Recommended for dry and mature skin.

What have you used up lately?


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