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Sometimes a brand or retailer stands out to me, and I like to shine the spotlight on them. I have been so impressed with Glow Organic recently, I wanted to give them a shout out. I came across Glow Organic last year whilst searching for Zao Organic and Couleur Caramel make-up, brands that are not that easy to find in the UK.

If you’re new to green beauty, or not sure how to use the make-up you’ve got, you will find their site really helpful. Founder Mel writes a great blog for Glow Organic with incredibly useful tips and easy to follow tutorials, geared for the ‘real woman’. The topics are varied including ‘3 Tips For Ensuring You Are Using Cruelty Free Make-up‘, ‘A Guide To Coordinating Colours‘ and ‘Make-Up Tips For Older Women‘.
As a fellow make-up artist, it’s great to know that Mel personally tests products herself before selling them on the site, ensuring that they are high performing and high quality. Mel is also more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

I like when you select a product there is a clear description of how to use, key ingredients along with the full list of ingredients. I also find the shade guide for make-up really helpful.

 There is a distinct lack of natural and organic beauty on offer on the high street making buying make-up before trying is a risky (and costly) business. Glow Organic have a wide range of natural and organic cosmetics available to buy in sample form for a small cost of £1 – see their full range here.  The samples on offer are generally the ones you really do need to test before buying. I think you can get away with buying shadows and blushers for example, but choosing a base, or a lipstick before testing first can prove to be a waste of money. I’ve recently taken advantage of this service and ordered five samples (benefiting from 20% off the cost of the full price product – great idea). I’ve just place an order for the Couleur Carame Makeup Base, BB Cream and Zao Nude Rose lipstick – keep an eye out for my reviews!

Some of my favourite make-up products from Glow Organic are: Couleur Caramel Make-Up Base, Zao Make-Up Organic Concealer, Couleur Caramel Matte Shadows, Zao Make-Up Pencil Eyeliner, Zao Make-Up Matte Lipstick (Nude Rose).

Let me know if a brand or retailer has impressed you in the comments below. Let’s share the love!

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