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 I had such a nice afternoon on Sunday at Clean Cult London. Clean Cult London was a wellbeauty event held in ETHOS (a wellness and fitness centre), Spitlefields, showcasing British clean beauty and was hosted by the girls from Clean Beauty Co and Call it Vanity

natural and organic beauty, skincare, artisan, London

 I bumped into some familiar faces straight away and the lovely Lucy (Lucy’s Choice), gave me the low down on the event.

There were some brands I was already familiar with, Bodhi & Birch, Tabitha James Kraan, Skin & Tonic and Evolve Organic Beauty alongside a few of new names Supernatual Beauty, Isla Apocthecary,  AMLY Botanicals and The Natural Deodorant Co.

natural and organic, skincare, artisan, Supernatural Beauty, Isla, Bodhi & Birch

 I was completely seduced by Supernatural Beauty! It was lovely to meet husband and wife team Jenny and Tyron who saw a gap in the market for organic skincare that was modern and luxurious. There was something special about the brand that made me get my purse out after five minutes of arriving!

I decided to go for the Glorious Cleansing Balm (although I now see I don’t fit the ‘best suited to’ skin type – I hope it’s going to be okay). I also bought the award winning Redemption Oil. I defy anyone not to want to try this after reading the blurb…”youthful luminosity“, “hypnotic scent“, “collagen boosting abilities“! I cannot wait to start using this.

 My other purchase was from luxury natural skincare brand Bodhi & Birch, known for their unique combination of botanicals and essential oils to create the most amazing scents. I had met founder Elijah before and enjoyed chatting about (and testing) the Bodhi & Birch products.

I have wanted to try the Mint Thé Temple Balm for a while now. I’m going on a road trip in a couple of weeks time and thought this would be very handy to have in my bag, as it provides relief for tension headaches, soothes travel sickness and alleviates minor skin irritations such as insect bites. However, Elijah produced a rollerball alternative to the balm for me to have. I’ve already tried this on a tension headache and found the combination of essential oils and the cool metal of the rollerball helped enormously. This is something Bodhi & Birch are working on and will be available to buy soon. So keep an eye out for that!

I have tried a travel size of the Bodhi & Birch Bath & Shower Therapy and couldn’t resist buying a full size version. It was a hard decision to choose a scent, but I kept with the theme and went for the Mint Thé Bath & Shower Therapy. Elijha was also giving a travel size Bath & Shower Therapy with every purchase so I brought back a mini Rosemary Chi Bath & Shower Therapy too.

 I was very tempted by the Isla Apothecary Hawaiian & Himalayan Detox Bath Soak and Recover Bath Salts, and not just for the beautiful amber glass jars and copper labels! I love a soak in the bath and the combination of ingredients left me drooling. This would make a lovely gift for someone.

 My head was also turned by the Amly Botanicals and their Silver Rich Facial Mist. I love the fact that it is made locally to me and has an impressive ingredient list including essential oils, organic flowers along with moisture boosting hyaluronic acid. I was, however, put off somewhat by the hefty price tag of £42 (although there was a discount on the day).

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 There was also a complimentary Kure Baazar nail bar where I managed to get my (rather embarrassingly chipped nails) transformed! Kure Baazar have a very tempting shade range from gorgeous neutrals to outrageously bright! I got inspiration (okay, I copied) blogger Linda’s ( choice of neutral nails  (I think in shade Corso 22) with an accent nail in Or Rose. Three days on, my manicure still looks fantastic.

green beauty, nails, kure baazar, therapi, rose gold

 I took advantage of the Jane Iredale mini-makeover station. I’m already a fan of some of the Jane Iredale products – I have 5 of the lip liners! I kept within my comfort zone and opted for a lip makeover. I already have the lip liner used (Spice), but loved the lipstick (which annoyingly, I’ve managed to loose the name of). I was also given a little Jane Iredale goodie bag containing some cute make-up minis.

 I was also given a fabulous goody bag too which included a Therapi lip balm, a Madras Ceullar Repair Serum, 10 TOTM Organic Cotton Tampons and Eco Tools Six Piece Starter Set.

 The bag also contained ‘look cards’ which I thought was a fabulous idea. Mayah and Sabrina from Call It Vanity have set up a clean beauty consultation service, the Beauty Swap Shop. The look cards give some great green makeup swap ideas.


I really enjoyed the afternoon so a huge thanks to Clean Cult and Call it Vanity!


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