Couleur Caramel is a Paris based natural make-up brand. I’ve found the quality of the products I’ve tried to be excellent, with this illuminating Make-up Base being no exception.

 I was impressed right from the start and it’s become a regular part of my morning makeup routine. I’d say this is the perfect choice if your skin is dry, mature or a little lacklustre.

I’ve heard Ruth Crilley (A Model Recommends) describing her skin as ‘bouncy’ after using certain products and that is exactly what comes to mind when I use this. Bouncy skin! Who doesn’t want bouncy skin?!

I’ve not been wearing much in the way of a base over the last few weeks, just a little BB cream (either Green People’s or Couleur Caramel), so can’t vouch for it as a make-up primer. I can tell you, however, that this make-up base keeps my skin hydrated more than anything else I’ve used.

Swatch Couleur Caramel Makeup Base mature skin

I apply it as I would a moisturiser after my normal skincare routine and sometimes skip using a base on top. It leaves my skin looking fresh (well, fresher) and dewy, with a definite glow. My skin feels as though I’ve just applied moisturiser hours after using this. I think this is thanks to ingredients such as squalane and sweet almond oil. It has quite a strong (not unpleasant) scent which reminds me of sun cream (my son also said sun cream).

 Couleur Caramel use recycled or recyclable, biodegradeable packaging for all of their products.

Have you tried anything from Couleur Caramel (they have an amazing eye shadow range).

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