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I’m back from holiday with a USA green beauty haul! We went on a road trip and had a very tight schedule, so fitting in some green beauty shopping was not an easy task!

I picked up my make-up bits (and did most damage to my bank account) at The Detox Market on Beverley Boulevard, Los Angeles. This was like a large Content Beauty and I’m not ashamed to admit to having a flutter of excitement as I walked through the door!

Although I could have ‘filled my boots‘ with W3ll People, Vapour Organic Beauty and RMS, I opted for some brands I hadn’t tried (and some I hadn’t even heard of). I will write full reviews once I have had time to try everything out properly.

I jumped at the chance to try out Sappho. I was aware a few bloggers were big fans of Sappho’s Liquid Foundation. This was quite pricey at $52 for 30ml, but after a little deliberation (let’s be honest, not much), it went in my basket. This comes in a lightweight, plastic bottle which makes it great for travelling too. I’ve only worn this for a few hours, but really liked how it looked and felt. I am so looking forward to trying this properly now that I’m home. The Paradigm Vegan Mascara (also pricey at $30) was a favourite of the lovely lady who helped me, so in that went too! I was dubious as to whether the mascara would be as good as my current favourites (see my post on natural mascaras here). I road tested it on Venice Beach and not only did it not smudge, I also think it gave my lashes more ‘oomf’ than my current favourites. 

I have been leaning towards wearing a lip liner instead of a lipstick lately and was immediately taken by this plum shade from brand La Bella Donna. I can see this quickly becoming a firm favourite for autumn. I love the shade and have been so impressed on the occasions when I have worn this. It’s easy to apply, doesn’t dry my lips and lasts well. I have just looked at the ingredients in this and will need to do a bit of Googling to see how green this is.

I had yet to find a replacement for my Laura Mercier Brown Definer, but knew this Ecobrow in Penelope could be a strong contender. I haven’t had a chance to give this a proper try as I didn’t have the right brush with me. I will keep you posted!

Finally, I bought a couple of nail polishes. Izzy was on the lookout for a gold shade and liked the look of Myth from RMS. I love a nice nude and loved how this NCLA polish in Volume IV looked when I tested it in store. 

I hoped you enjoyed this post. I also picked up a few skincare items which I will share with you on Wednesday.


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