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I was excited to be given the opportunity to try this  Anti Ageing Face Cream* from Soley Organics an Icelandic natural skincare brand. Anything that claims to ‘restore glow and radiance to the skin’ has me sold! I was intrigued by the ingredient ‘exopolysaccharide‘ which is said to retain water and has a plumping, smoothing effect (I am taking their word for that).

Sometimes I will try a skincare product and know that I love it immediately. However, there are some products that need a decent road test before a verdict can be reached. This is a prime example of the latter. Had I not been sent this to try (thank you Cos Natural!) then it may still be sitting at the back of my bathroom cabinet.

When I first used this on its own, surprisingly, it made my skin feel tight, so it got pushed to one side. I kept looking at it thinking I really should give it another chance. So I tweaked how I was using it. After cleansing I spritz my face with a facial spray (I’m currently using Anitpodes Antioxidant Toner). I then massage the Soley Organics Anti Ageing Face Cream all over my face and wait a minute for it to sink in before adding a facial oil (I have just used the last of my Angela Langford Bloom & Glow). I’d describe the scent as a mixture of citrus and sea!

I have used this twice daily for a few weeks now. It works well as part of my evening skincare routine, but is also great to use under make-up in the moring and I am pretty convinced it is making my skin look more radiant. I have had compliments on my skin, most recently at the Gorgeously Green Gathering. People have asked what make-up I am using, when, in fact, I think it could be down to my skincare.

So, after a slow start, I will be genuinely sorry when I come to the end of this bottle. If you’re looking for something to help with dull, lacklustre skin, this could be worth a try. You can see more from the Soley Organics range at Cos Natural here.


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