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This is the makeup look I’ve been wearing all week. I wanted to achieve a natural, more youthful look, suited to my 40+ face!

It’s always a good idea to have a good look at your face in natural daylight before you start your makeup routine. Everyone’s face is different. I find the basic rule of highlighting the parts you want to stand out and shading the parts you want to recede a good one to follow.

I like to start with the eyes. My eyes are deep set, so I want to ‘push back’ the area below my eyebrow. I do this by using the mid-tone shade in the Dr Hauschka Eyeshadow Palette (THE best palette to own, in my opinion – perfect for more mature eyes. You can see from the photo how much I use it). Using a blending brush I lightly sweep the colour between the brow and the socket line.

As I also have quite hooded eyes, I don’t have much actual lid on show, therefore, I want to make the little bit I do have ‘stand out’. The light shade in this palette is perfect for this.

To give more definition to my natural socket line I use the lighter grey shade. With my eyes open I trace just above my socket line in a windscreen wiper motion, concentrating on the centre area of my eye.


Emphasising your lash line is really important if you have hooded eyes. I like to use Zao Makeup’s Eyeliner Pencil in black, pushed into the roots. This can be tricky to master! Look ahead into a mirror and gentle push/massage the pencil into the lashes. Subtle, but significant!

Now take a good look at your face in the mirror. Are there any shadows you want to eliminate? Do you have any blemishes or uneven skin tone you want to cover? For this I’ve been using RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up in shade 11. I use a combination of brush and fingers to apply this. I prefer to start off using a brush, applying to any areas I want to cover. It’s important not to apply where you think you should, or where you’ve seen other people apply their concealer. Look at your face and only apply where you need to. For me, it’s around the inner corner of my eyes, nose and chin. To blend, I use my fingers with a gentle tapping motion. This concealer blends beautifully, making it ideal for more mature or delicate skin.

I’ve recently repurchased the Living Nature Foundation in Sand. I find it longer lasting than most and it gives slightly more coverage than others in my collection. It reminds me a lot of the Sappho foundation. I need to be careful to moisturise well or add a little moisturiser to the foundation before applying as it can leave my skin feeling tight/dry.

It does set quite quickly once on the skin (I’m not really selling this am I?!) so I rub this between my fingers to warm it, before quickly applying, predominantly, to the centre of my face. Stand back and have a look at yourself and if you feel you need more coverage somewhere, apply a little more to that area. Don’t feel you have to use all over your face. Only use it where you need a little coverage. Once I’m happy with my base, I have then been using the Zao Makeup Light Touch Illuminator. I didn’t know how I felt about this matte highlighter at first, but have found it great to use around the inner corner of my eyes where I have some darkness in addition to the Un Cover-Up.

I saw a YouTube video recently, I think it might have been a Cara Delavigne look, where the makeup artist used a lipstick on the cheeks. Although this is not a new trick, it got me trying it again. The Zao Makeup lipstick in Nude Rose is the perfect shade to use as a blush as well as a lipstick. I apply straight from the bullet on the tops of the apples of my cheeks (this helps ‘lift’ the face) and blend outwards with my finger tips. This is a great way to create a natural flush.



Defining your eyebrows can make a massive difference to your face. I have my eyebrows threaded (not often enough) to help with their shape. I work with my natural shape (which, unfortunately, is pretty straight), taking away hairs growing beneath my brow as, if left, this does make my eyes look heavier. I have been using the Zao Makeup Matte Eyeshadow in Dark Brown (I’ve misplaced my EcoBrow pot) to fill in any gaps. One of my brows has a bit of a bald patch so I use a slanted brush to ‘fake’ the missing hairs, still keeping it natural looking.

The W3ll People Altruist Foundation Powder in Fair Golden is perfect for setting make-up and helps to give a more polished look. Sometimes I skip this step and use Living Nature’s Luminous Pressed Powder in Medium instead. This is an almost translucent powder, but leaves a hint of a glow to your skin.

Contouring isn’t for everyone! You don’t need to do it! As I’ve kept saying in this post “look at your face“. My face is quite angular, which, now I’m in my forties, can make me look a little harsh or even gaunt. Therefore, I don’t want to accentuate my cheekbones. I sometimes dust a little Dr Hauschka’s Bronzing Powder over my cheeks rather than under them (unfortunately, the lid has broken, so I haven’t included this in the photo) and, although I have already used the lipstick for blush I add a dusting of NatOrigin Organic Powder Blush to the apples of my cheeks. This is gives a fresh, natural finish and is perfect for those with sensitive skin. For a subtle, natural glow, I dust the Avril Cosmetics Eye shadow in Desert over the tops of my cheeks. It works perfectly as a highlighter and is only £5.45!


I like to leave mascara to the end. I’ve been using the W3ll People Expressionist Bio Extreme Mascara in black this week. It gives great length and definition and stays put all day. Worked into the roots of the lash helps create the illusion of thicker lashes. I like to concentrate on the lashes in the centre of my eye rather than the corners as this can make older eyes look a little droopy.


Phew, that was a long post for me! Thank you if you have stayed with me until the end! I hope this helps. I think the key to a successful makeup look is to do what’s right for your face.

I’d love to know what products you’ve been reaching for recently.


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