This post has been incredibly easy to write as the Mallow & White Blossom Balm (£30)* has impressed me so much!

A collaboration between Joanna White, founder of Mallow & White and Amber, founder of online store Nectar & Bumble stocking bee based products, has resulted in quite possibly the perfect balm.

I like to think of myself as a bit of a balm connoisseur. I know what I like and don’t like in a balm. This Blossom Balm ticks many boxes for me. Made with only six natural and organic ingredients (no need to spend an age working out what you’re putting on your face), you can really feel the benefits of the oils and beeswax. It has quite a firm consistency in the jar, which then melts on my skin. When massaged over my face, it does a great job at removing make-up (although, I still like to use a separate eye make-up remover).

As well as a cleanser, I’ve also been using this as an overnight treatment, massaging on to my dry face after cleansing. The subtle lavender scent makes it perfect to use before bed.

I was a little nervous about trying this as Joanna and Amber are both lovely ladies and I know put a lot of effort into making Blossom Balm (find out more here); I really wanted to like it. However, I have genuinely found a balm to rival my all time favourite Botanicals Rose & Camellia Cleansing Melt, and regular readers will know, this is a massive statement from me!


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