I had a rare day to myself on Saturday and decided to treat myself to a full on pamper evening. I always look after my skin on my face with a good skincare routine and a face mask every now and then, but I seriously neglect the rest of my body!

Although I love to have a bath, I’m never in there very long. I do what I have to do and then I’m out. I often envisage candles, music and a long soak, but the reality is I’m done in minutes.

This session was no different, although I did give my body some TLC with the Bodhi & Birch Rosemary Chi Himalayan Detox Salt Scrub (£35). This is such a treat to use. It’s perfect for sloughing away dry skin. I find it quite abrasive, which I like in a scrub. If I’m going to bother to exfoliate I want it to be worthwhile! It leaves my skin with a veil of moisture thanks to the shea butter, grape seed oil and squalane oil. I mustn’t forget to mention the scent. As with all Bodhi & Birch products the scent makes using this feel like you’re in a luxury spa. I was lucky enough to win a £200 Bodhi & Birch voucher recently and included this in my haul. I wouldn’t usually spend this much on a body product, however, perhaps worth putting on, dare I say it, your Christmas list? You can see my full review of this here.

I’m a real fan of a facial scrub, and probably use one more often than is recommended! This Antipodes Reincarnation Pure Facial Exfoliator (£21.99) is my new favourite. It is gentle, yet still effective. Directions for use are to use on damp skin, however, I tend to prefer to use it on dry skin. I often double cleanse when I am having a pamper session and use this in between cleanses. It has quite a creamy texture and an uplifting citrus scent.

The Mallow & White Blossom Balm* (£30) is the perfect pamper product. Created by Amber, green beauty blogger and found of on-line store Nectar & Bumble along with Joanna White, founder of skincare company Mallow & White. A balm is my preferred method of cleansing and I’m always up for trying out new ones. The soothing subtle lavender scent make it a good choice for an evening cleanse.  I think the ingredient combination (of which there are only six) is perfect. The balm melts on the skin and leaves my face feeling clean and nourished. Keep an eye out for my full review.

After taking the Blossom Balm off with a warm, damp flannel, I used the S5 Vitality Mask(£36). I was introduced to S5 at the recent Gorgeously Green Gathering. S5 has been designed to solve skin issues using ingredients found in the extreme parts of the world. It was really interesting to hear S5’s story from founder Laura. It left me desperate to try their products! I will keep you posted on my thoughts.

I applied the S5 Renew Serum (£52). I have only recently started using this, so can’t really say how effective it is as something like this needs to be used over a period of time in order to see any benefits. I’m very excited to see how this works as the key ingredient claims are quite amazing. I will definitely report back.

Although we’re now in October and summer is becoming a distant memory, I am not ready to give in to pasty skin! My perfect self tan is Green People – for both face and body. The Gradual Tan Moisturiser (£15) for the face is just that – gradual, so needs to be applied over a few days. The Self Tan Lotion (£21) is perfect for giving your body a sun kissed glow. I highly recommend.

To finish off I applied a couple of coats of HJ Manicure nail polish in Vintage Bronze (£9.99) (I already had a clear base coat on). I love this bronze shade. It’s perfect for the new season.

What products to you like to use for a pamper session?


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