Wearing a nail polish is a quick and inexpensive way to keep up with the changing seasons. There are so many to choose from it will be hard not to find something that takes your fancy.

I’m not a fan of bright colours, but that doesn’t mean I still can’t give a nod to Christmas with my polish! I have been putting some nail polish to the test.

All of the polishes are from LoveLula. I chose a few as part of the LoveLula Accredited Blogger Programme and the took advantage of their Black Friday 15% off deal (which ends midnight on 30th November) and added some more!

In terms of how long a polish lasts, formula does play a part, but I think the condition of your nails will also determine how long a polish will last. I have swatched the shades down below which is a pretty accurate reflection of the shades as they look on my nails. I tried lots of polishes and have four definite favourites.

Zoya Nail Polish – Hunter (£11.70)

This is a gorgeous ‘Christmas tree’ green which looks equally as good during the day or in the evening. I have read mixed reviews about Zoya polishes in terms of longevity, but I have been pretty impressed with the few I have tried. This needs two coats and has a nice glossy finish.

Little Ondine – Natural Nail Polish – Red Red Wine – (£9.50)

There has been a lot of love on social media for Little Ondine! However, I just was not convinced with the ‘peel off’ formula. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to stop myself peeling it off as soon as it was on! I decided to give this one a go in a deep red colour – perfect for the festive season.

Little Ondine is made with just three natural, non toxic ingredients with no strong smell and no need for nail polish remover. It applies quite thickly and gives a lovely, opaque finish after two coats. I was concerned that these would peel off easily, but in fact, they are as long lasting as the other polishes here. When you’re ready to take the polish off you have to really work to find an edge to come away, then it really does just peel off. No nail varnish remover required!

Fnug Nail Polish – Dazzling (£12.00)

This is a proper party polish! It is a ‘dazzling’ muted gold shade which lasted the longest out of all the polishes I tried. You’re good to go after only one coat. I think this polish would look best in the evening.

Zoya Nail Polish – Storm (£11.70)

This is a greyish black polish with holographic glitter and comes to life after the second coat. It looks amazing in the sunlight. The polish on my nail is slightly darker than the swatch below. This is another polish for either day or night. Long lasting and applies really well.

I was also seduced by the limited edition Kure Bazzar polish in Pigalle – however, it just didn’t do it for me.  I think it works best on top of a red polish, but it didn’t live up to expections. I was also disappointed with the Fnug polish in Fake Fur. I found it had more of a lilac tinge than the grey I expected and it applied thinly and streaky, which is the complete opposite to Fnug Dazzling.

Another polish that hasn’t made it to my favourites is Zoya’s Sparkle nail polish. I used this on top of dark polishes and think perhaps it would be better suited with a pale polish. This wasn’t a disaster, but just didn’t excite me enough.

Have you got a favourite festive polish?


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