I love make-up (no surprises there), my favourite part is achieving glowing skin. I wanted to share some great (and varied) glow giving products I’ve been using and loving lately.

RMS Magic Luminizer £30

This is a new product from RMS Beauty and works in much the same way as RMS Living Luminizer. It is a sheer, cream formula, made with some lovely skin nourishing ingredients and leaves a gorgeous champagne glow to your skin. Although I’d describe this as packing a bit more of a punch than the Living Luminizer, it is still subtle enough to wear during the day. I have been surprised at how much I like this. I have written a full review here.

Jane Irededale Blush (Dubonnet) £23

I have had this for some time now and bought it with reluctance once I found out how much it was! I’m lucky to have a beauty salon near to where I live which stocks Jane Iredale which is where I was seduced by this blush.  I don’t often get excited about a blusher, nor would I usually describe one as a ‘glow giving’ product, but this has something special. It is well pigmented, lasts all day, gives a lovely flush of colour to the cheeks, but also illuminates them too, without any sparkle or shimmer.

PHB Ethical Beauty Pressed Mineral Bronzer (Tan) £14.95

This has been an unexpected glow giving product. I have been using this satin finish bronzer (in the lightest of three shades) where I would apply a highlighter. It does have a golden hue to it, but as I am currently using Eco by Sonya Self Tanning moisturiser, my face is slightly darker than it would normally be. I love the result this gives. Probably one that will get more use in the summer months.

Avri Cosmetics Eye Shadow (Desert) £.5.95

This has to be the best value cosmetic product I own! I love this little eye shadow pot and not only as an eye shadow. In fact, I use this most as a powder highlighter. Used along the cheekbones, this gives a beautiful sheen to the skin which, importantly, lasts most of the day. Obviously, you can use it as an eye shadow. It works particularly well to highlight the inner corner of the eye. I find this works best when applied on top of a finishing powder.

Couleur Caramel Makeup Base £23.50

I’m not quite sure what made me put this in my basket as I don’t tend to use a make-up base/primer. However, I’m glad I did! When I use this, my skin stays hydrated all day long, which in turn, helps toward a glowy look. I have used the last of this and will be making a repurchase asap!

Have you got any products you love to help achieve a glow?


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