The winter months can take a toll on your body and mind! I personally don’t mind winter. I quite look forward to the clocks going back and the dark nights (this does wear off by the time January comes around). I also love winter fashion. I’ve gone slightly overboard on winter knits and big scarves this season and have been disappointed by the unusually mild autumn we’ve had!

So, keeping with the fashion theme, staying warm and stylish is my first winter survival tip. A big scarf doubles up as a style piece as well as, of course, keeping you nice and cosy. My favourite places to shop for these are Zara (don’t forget to check the Men’s department too) and ASOS.

As I mentioned, I may have gone slightly overboard in the winter knit department. There are just so many gorgeous styles to choose from. I have picked up quite a few from & Other Stories. They do great over-sized jumpers with extra long sleeves. I find it hard to leave the store without buying something.

Being outdoors and exercising can really help with a low mood. Having two dogs to walk makes me get out in the fresh air every day. Admittedly there are some days I would rather not have to do it, but on the whole, once I get going, I really enjoy it. Walking for an hour or so, ensures I get some vitamin D from the sunlight and is also a good time to clear my head. My walks at the moment are breathtakingly beautiful with the colours of autumn.

I love my skincare routine and like nothing more than taking the ‘day’ off my face in the evening. My favourite way to cleanse is with a balm. Although I use this all year round, it is particularly good for winter skin, with their nourishing ingredients. I massage onto my face and then wipe off with a flannel soaked in warm water. I can repeat this a couple of times if I’ve been wearing a lot of makeup, adding a facial massage in there too! I am currently using and loving Mallow & White’s Blossom Balm which as well as cleansing with, I also massage into my face and leave on as an overnight treatment.

Lips can be a notorious problem area during winter. However, I have found since switching to natural and organic beauty products, I have eliminated dry, cracked lips. I still always apply a lip balm after my morning and evening skincare routine. There are so many natural and organic varieties to choose from now. I love this little pot from Therapi Skincare (the pot is so pretty)! I received this at a blogger event and, unfortunately, this is not available to buy on it’s own, but I have just discovered it is available as part of an amazing Christmas Gift set from on line store Nectar & Bumble, which also includes my favourite Blossom Balm!

I will nearly always apply a facial oil in the morning (I do at night too if I’m not using a balm as an overnight mask). There are so many great natural and organic facial oils to choose from, I don’t think I’ve tried one I don’t like. I’m currently reaching for Ooh! Oils of Heaven Rejuvenating Facial Oil.

I tend to neglect my hands throughout the year, but when the weather turns colder, I really can’t ignore how dry they look. As well as my hands getting dry, my cuticles too seem to suffer. I try and keep some products by the side of my bed to encourage me to use them before I go to sleep. I am currently using Bodhi & Birch’s Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum, it has great ingredients and sinks quickly, leaving my hands beautiful soft as well as beautifully scented!

I’ve never been one to reach for a body moisturiser on a regular basis. I usually wait until my limbs are going to be exposed and apply an emergency layer. I have, however, found myself using a body oil over the recent months. It takes a little less effort than rubbing in a body cream I find (does that make me sound very lazy)?! Bodhi & Birch have just released a new range of Mini Body Oils which, like all of their products, smell gorgeous. I always feel like I’ve been in a spa when I use their products.

I am partial to a bit of self tanning during the winter months, especially at the beginning of the season (I do usually admit defeat and embrace the pale look after a while)! I have recently discovered Eco by Sonya Winter Skin and have loved the natural, sun-kissed glow it gives to my body and face. I have a review on this coming up very soon.

Nutrition plays a huge part on how we feel and look. Soup ticks lots of boxes for me. I could live off soup during winter. They are so easy to make and, depending on what ingredients you use, are packed full of goodness. I like to have a bowl of soup for lunch or just whenever I’m feeling peckish throughout the day.

There is something so relaxing about a room bathed in candlelight and I’m never without candles in my house, especially during the dark winter months. A local shop stocks¬†Parkminster candles which not only are a great price, they have some gorgeous fragrances too.

Do you have any tips to survive winter?

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