I always have a balm (or two, or three!) on the go. Not only it is it my favourite way to cleanse at the end of the day, I often like to use a balm as an overnight mask too.

Although most claim to remove eye make-up, I prefer to use Bloom Remedies Eye Make-up Oil Cleanser first. I massage this into my lashes and leave it to go to work whilst I use a cleansing balm. I take the opportunity to give myself a min facial massage when using a balm to cleanse before removing with a flannel soaked in warm water. I prefer a flannel to a muslin cloth.

These are my current favourites:

Mallow & White Blossom Balm (£30)

This was created by Mallow & White and fellow green beauty blogger Amber, founder of on line ‘bee themed’ store Nectar & Bumble.  I’ve been using this for a few months now and love using it as an overnight mask. It is 100% organic and made with only six ingredients. I was gifted this, but have since bought a jar to send to a friend recovering from an operation as I love it so much and will be repurchasing it for myself when mine runs out.

Botanicals Nourish Cleanse Melt (£24, 60g) 

This is one I always come back to. A simple, effective balm that is perfect for my mature skin. Made with 87% organic ingredients including shea butter and coconut oil, it literally melts into my skin and does a great job of removing the day from my face. I can’t see a day when I don’t have this to hand in my bathroom.

Pinks Boutique Anti Ageing Deep Cleansing Melt (£42, 60g)

Another cleansing balm which is 100% natural (87% organic) and certified organic by the Soil Association. I loved reading about how Pinks Boutique came about (see here). This balm is very similar in texture to the Botanicals Nourish Cleanse Melt and similar in scent to Mallow & White’s Blossom Balm! It is made with green tea and natural vitamin E to help combat the effects of free radicals and the effects of ageing. I have enjoyed using this, but the £42 price tag will put me off repurchasing.

MOA The Green Balm (£12.50, 50g)

By far the best value balm I have. This is also quite different to the others. I tend to use this when my skin isn’t at it’s best. I think this is due to the tea tree oil in the ingredients. Don’t be put off using this as a cleanser by the many other uses it claims to have. I have recently finished my second jar and am using a sample pot (which I believe are available to buy). I love this brand and their claim to include a ‘sprinkle of magic’ in their products!

Don’t be put off (like I was) using a cleansing balm by the need for a cloth. Simply invest in half a dozen flannels or muslin cloths, whichever you prefer, and you will always have a clean one to hand.

Do you have a favourite balm? What would you recommend I try?


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