Although the Christmas season is synonymous with smokey eyes, glitter and perhaps a red lip, I still favour the natural makeup look.  I call this my “I’ve hardly bothered face” (when, in fact, I’ve spent a good half an hour achieving the look)!

I love the glow this look gives me as well as making my eyes look more awake than they actually are! After prepping my skin (so, so important), this is what I used….


I always start with eyes. I like to prep my lids, even if I’m not wearing shadow. Today I used RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up (shade 11). I use a brush to apply it, then blend with my fingers. I blend this all over my eye area to disguise any discolouration on my lids and provide a blank canvas for any shadow.

I can’t recommend the Dr Hauschka Eye Shadow Palette (Stone Colour Collection) highly enough. If I could only have one palette, then this would be the one! I dust the lightest shade all over my eye area and then define my socket slightly with the mid tone shade. To do this I take a socket brush and apply along my socket line and just above, blending out well with a soft blending brush.

My favourite black eye liner is from Zao Organic. This is a jet black and applied correctly doesn’t end up underneath my eyes. I apply with my eyes open (this helps eliminate any transfer to the bottom lashes) and rub the (sharpened) pencil along my lash line. I’m not looking to create a lined look, I just want to emphasis my lashes. I keep away from the outer corners as this can cause smudging and make my eyes look a little droopy.

I then take the socket brush (with no extra powder on) and rub over my upper lash line. This creates a very subtle shadow which softens any line left by the eyeliner. Again with no shadow, I take this along my lower lash line too.

My mascara of choice lately has been Green People’s Volumising Mascara in Black. I find this gives definition and volume to my lashes and doesn’t smudge. It’s a one I repurchase.

For my eye brows I used Eco Brow (Penelope), brushed through to fill in any gaps.


Using RMS Un Cover-Up again, I look carefully at my face and with a concealer brush apply to any dark areas, redness or blemishes, before dabbing over with my finger.

I could have left my face like this today, but as I was going to be taking photos I wanted a little more coverage. For this I used a combination of Living Nature’s Foundation (Sand) and Sappho Organics (Jennifer). I’m not sure why, but I’ve taken to using a combination of the two quite a lot recently. I apply a small amount of each to my finger and then rub my fingers together briefly before patting on to my face. I like to use a tapping motion, finishing off by pressing into my skin with my hands.

In order to help my make-up last, I use W3ll People Brightening Powder. I really like this powder, but hate the packaging, It does have a lid with holes in to disperse the powder, however, there is massive powder overload. I tip some of the powder into the lid and press on to my skin using a Real Techniques brush, paying particular attention to under my eyes.

I still like to use a little bronzer in winter and find the Dr Hauschka Bronzing Powder the perfect shade and formula. I brush it from my temples down on to my cheeks to add a little bit of warmth and definition to my face, but without any harsh contour.

For a natural flush I swept Avril Cosmetics blush in Rose Nacre over the apples of my cheeks before dusting the Avril Costmetics Eye Shadow in Desert over the tops of my cheekbones for a gorgeous glow. This is my favourite product to use to highlight at the moment.


I nearly always wear a lip liner now my lips are losing their natural definition. My brand of choice is Jane Iredale for the shade range and longevity. Today I wore Terra-Cotta with a little Avril Cosmetics lip crayon in Rose Delicat on top.


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