I think we’re all aware by now that we should be eating our 5-a-day, however, this week, we’ve been told to up our game and go for 10-a-day to really reap the rewards of eating fruit and vegetables.

I have a pretty healthy diet, but am sure I fall short of 10-a-day on a regular basis. I don’t make a habit of recording how much fruit and vegetables I’ve eaten (does anybody?), but after reading and listening to various media reports the other day, it really got me thinking. It never hurts to have a little revision lesson! I was surprised at the statistics. Increasing your fruit and vegetable intake to 10 a day, could reduce your risk of early death or chronic disease by up to 33% in some cases. That’s something that everyone should take note of surely, but 10-a-day though! Is that realistic? I decided to give it a go and here are my results!

8.30   Porridge (with stewed apples and blueberries) – 2 portions

10.30 Bagel thin with baked beans – 1 portion

11.15  Raw carrot (whilst preparing vegetable soup)! – 1 portion

12.30 Vegetable soup (carrot, leek, potato) – 1 portion?

3.00  Juice (apple, ginger, lime) – 1 portion?

3.30  Soup – 1 portion (does a second bowl count?)

6.30  Vegetable curry – (cauliflower, tomatoes, red pepper) – 2 portions

8.30  Guacamole (avocado, garlic, lime, chilli, red onion) – 1 portion

9.00  Grapes – 1 portion

I think that’s jackpot! Eleven portions (at least)! It wasn’t actually that hard to do and I quite enjoyed eating mindfully.

You may have noticed I am a ‘little and often kinda of girl’! (I also had a packet of crisps with my first soup, a 9 Bar Super Seeds Peanut bar (I love this brand), some tortilla chips with the guacamole a few sour worms and a few chocolate eclairs). I struggle to go more than two hours without food!

I am going to make a conscious effort to have a couple of 10-a-day days every week from now on. How do you make sure you’re eating enough fruit and vegetables?



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