I’m delighted to introduce you to Eloise from Eloise Loves Nature who is writing today’s post. I don’t know about you, but I like nothing more than a rummage through someone else’s makeup bag! Eloise and I both share a passion for make-up and thought we’d share ‘what’s in our make-up bag’ on each other’s blog. You can keep up-to-date with all of Eloise’s posts on Twitter and Instagram. Over to you Eloise…!

I’m really excited to be sharing what’s in my makeup bag with Carries readers. I am sure you’ve seen on Carrie’s blog a couple of the products, after all she is the make up queen!

My makeup bag contents changes a little with each season, I like to use different foundations as my skin tends to change during each season. Usually very oily during the summer months and very dry during the winter months. I also switch up the shades a little but I’m usually a nude/bronze eye kind of girl and a red, purple or nude lipstick is usually on my lips.

Firstly let’s talk about foundation… Currently I am using Jane Iredale BB cream, the coverage this offers is incredible it’s basically full coverage. For summer I felt it was a little to heavy on my skin, but at the moment my skin just drinks the moisture out of this bb cream so it’s suiting me perfectly. It offers a slight dewy finish. I usually wear 100% pure luminizing primer under my finishing base but sadly I’ve just ran out!

Two mascara’s 100% pure fruit pigmented mascara and living nature lengthening mascara, these two work simultaneously to create super long, thick non clumpy lashes. I am very lucky to have a set of very long natural lashes but they lack volume so these are my go to!

It took me a long time to find the perfect concealer so when I found it that was it. It hasn’t left my bag since I bought it in the summer. It’s W3LL PEOPLE bio correct concealer. It has the perfect amount of yellow for my skin tone and the texture is spot on. It blends seamlessly into my skin leaving it looking super healthy and clear from spots/blemishes. It works well with every foundation I have tried it with so far.

You’ll always find a RMS beauty product in my makeup bag. At the moment it’s been the ‘un’ cover-up in shade ‘000’ unfortunately I can’t use this on breakouts/spot prone areas as my skin is sensitive to coconut oil. But it’s a great multi tasking product that I use when I require extra coverage under my eyes, on top of my eyes as they are very veiny and around the nose area I get a lot of redness.

A setting powder sample by well people has been my saviour, I am so tired at the moment, little one hasn’t been sleeping well and pregnancy keeps me up/wakes me up at crazy hours. I like to use this just under my eyes as I find when the eye area is more matted my bags are less obvious. I also love using this with ILIA cream highlighter you can check out how I use them both to create a subtle highlight on my blog.

Last of all lipstick, Avril shade auburn it’s such a perfect shade for me. I never (or rarely) leave the house without lipstick on. What I love about shade auburn is if I just dab a little over my lips it’s almost invisible but makes my lips look a little better? But if I swipe 2/3 times I can achieve a bold burnt orange lip, I find all Avril lipsticks very nourishing, they work so well at offering little or maximum colour and are semi matte. They are super affordable at just £6 too which is perfect for me because I am a lipstick addict. I do usually have Avril lip liner shade nude in my make up bag however my cute little son likes to play with mummy’s make up and has hidden this treasure somewhere… Looks like I’ll have to purchase another one! It’s a versatile shade that works well beneath so many different lipstick textures and colours.

I hope you enjoyed reading what’s in my makeup bag, you can visit my blog at www.eloiselovesnature.co.uk head on over to check out what’s in Carries make up bag!

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