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How had Eden Perfumes passed me by?! Occasionally I come across a brand or product that I get so excited about I can’t wait to share with you. This is one of those moments. If you love perfume, then listen closely, I think you’ll like what you’re about to hear! (Credit goes to Amber (Amber’s Beauty Talk) for giving me the heads up)!

Eden Perfumes are a family run business from Brighton and make vegan and cruelty free perfumes which ‘match‘ your favourite luxury brand (although they don’t claim to be identical). I have been blown away by the scents I have chosen (one very similar to a Chloe perfume, one claiming to be a match for Acqua di Parma, although, to be honest, this is for my mum and I’m not familiar enough with Acqua di Parma to say how accurate this is and one that I chose purely from the description of top notes on the website). The scents smell luxurious, not cheap at all given the £18 price for a 30m bottle. What really impressed me is how long they last, which does make me wonder how clean the ingredients are.

Although ingredients are listed on the box, I haven’t been able to find a full list of ingredients online. On their website is a tag line “we love humans too much, we want you to use our organic perfumes” (I’m not convinced that these are organic perfumes) and claim they are made “without any nasty synthetics, parabens or phthalates” whatever that encompasses.  I did contact Eden Perfumes to find out a little more about the brand and their ingredients, but unfortunately, I didn’t hear anything back. ‘Parfum’ is listed on the ingredients list on the box which is something I will avoid in skincare as it is not clear what it actually contains. Conventional perfume is something that I’ve found hard to find a 100% natural alternative to that works for me. I will continue the search!

That aside, I ordered my first couple of bottles on line (I say ‘first’ as I have since added to my collection)! It would usually be unheard of for me to order a perfume on line without having tested it, however, the Eden Perfumes website make it very easy to choose a scent that I’d say you’re almost guaranteed to like (don’t hold me to that)! This is especially true if they have a ‘dupe’ for a perfume you already wear.

I was in Brighton on Saturday and took the opportunity to visit the Eden Perfume store (it is worth noting that they now have two stores in Brighton: a smaller one on one of the main Lanes – sorry I don’t know the street name and their hub in Western Road). We actually stumbled upon the smaller store by accident, on the way to their main store, so just stopped there.

It’s quite a unique shop; like nothing I’ve seen before and probably one I would usually pass by. There’s no frills – it is quite basic looking – the Aldi of beauty stores! I did manage to grab a moment or two to speak to someone to find out a little more about the brand. I was still left unsure about the ingredients used. It is clear that their main priority is that all ingredients are vegan and cruelty free. All the glass bottles are refillable and I saw numerous people coming in to have their bottles refilled. What I was slightly gutted about was the fact that the 30ml bottles in store are £12 as opposed to £18 online. I think it would be good to have this advertised on the website as I probably would have waited and made a visit to the store. Obviously there is a postage cost involved for them and as the bottles are not like regular perfume bottles (you can screw the top off, making them refillable) I believe they have had some issues with Royal Mail.

I noticed the staff were all extremely helpful. Whether that was in helping find a match to your favourite perfume, or choosing a new one. The store was very busy with both repeat customers and new ones. I heard a lot of “oh, that’s amazing”!

The walls are lined with perfume dispensers with a description of the top notes on each bottle along with a sample bottle for you to test. All perfumes are numbered and there are paper tester strips with pencils to write the number of the perfume you’ve tested. There was also a bowl of coffee beans on hand to help ‘clear’ your nose which was definitely needed!

If you’re after a 100% natural fragrance then I don’t think this for you. If, however, you’re looking for an affordable, long lasting, vegan and cruelty free perfume (which may be able to match a designer favourite), then I’d highly recommend trying Eden Perfumes out.

*This post is not sponsored nor have I been sent products for review!


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