Affordable Natural Makeup – Avril Cosmetics

Avril Cosmetics has to be one of the best value, best quality natural and organic make-up brands on the market. When I was contacted by Elena from online natural beauty store Cos Natural asking if I’d like to try some products from their new range, I didn’t need to be asked twice!

Although they require more ‘maintenance’, I still like a wear bold lip from time to time. When I saw new Avril shades (600 Prune & 636 Sang) I knew I wanted to try them.  I thought these shades would make a great alternative to a red lip.

I was already a big fan of Avril lipsticks (if you haven’t already tried them, do)! They are such amazing value at £6.85, without compromising on the quality.

Prune (£6.85) is a vibrant, plumy pink shade which works well with my skin tone. The formula is enriched with numerous oils which makes for a very nourishing lipstick that feels really comfortable to wear. I’d say it has a satin finish which is surprisingly long lasting, even after eating. I have happily worn this alone or with a Jane Iredale lip liner (I think I used shade Berry). A lovely ‘pop’ of colour for spring!

Sang (£6.85) is a slightly darker shade, with more red/brown undertones, perhaps one I would wear more in autumn/winter. Having said that, surprisingly, these both look very similar on the lips.

I was very excited to see the Avril Certified Organic Powder Highlighter (£7.85). I currently use an Avril Eye Shadow (Desert) (£5.45) as a powder highlighter which does a fantastic job. This did disappoint me a little. I was expecting to use this as a highlighter, but it’s too subtle for me. If you’re new to the highlight game, this could a great starting point for you. All is not lost though, as I have found this makes a great brightening setting powder, which, when I’ve since looked at the description on the Cos Natural website, is exactly how it says to use it!

Elena also included an Avril Certified Organic Volume Mascara (black) for me to try. When I wore it for the first time I did find it smudged a little under my eyes after a while and I put it to one side. I then decided to give it another chance; . I have worn it all day today and it has performed much better, with just slight smudging. At £6.50 it is exceptional value, although it hasn’t knocked my favourites off the top spot!

The lipsticks are standout favourites from this little haul. I can’t recommend them highly enough (although, unfortunately, they’re not vegan). I can also highly recommend Avril Certified Organic Blushers.

Have tried anything from Avril? What are your favourites?


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