Spring is a great time to introduce a cream blush in to your make-up routine. It is the perfect way to inject a healthy flush of colour to your face after the cold winter months. They are particularly good for those with dry or mature skin (in fact, those with oily skin, may want to stick to a powder blush). Contrary to popular belief, I actually think it’s quite difficult to get it right.

Cream blushes generally come in a pot or stick, although you can think outside the box and use a lipstick as a cream blush too!

To use a cream blush, I rub my finger (I think a small, synthetic hair brush may be easier) over the product and then dab most of the it off on the back of my hand – it is much easier to build colour rather than take it off!

When using a cream blush, I am generally going for a natural look and therefore like to apply it to mimic a natural flush. Where this is will depend from face to face. Apply to the centre of your cheek with a dabbing motion. Keep standing away from the mirror and check how it’s looking.

The key to a successful cream blush is to build up slowly and have no harsh lines. A cream blush looks best when the blush merges into the skin. It should be seamless. If you have ended up with too much product, then adding a touch of foundation to your brush and going over the edges (or your whole cheek if it’s gone really wrong!) works well.

I love a matching lip and cheek look, so adding some of the same colour to lips really helps with the natural, healthy glow look. I find the best way to apply a cream blush as a lip colour is to use a cotton bud, before blending with my finger.

You can leave your blush like this, or dust some powder blush over the top. This can help with staying power.

Do you use a cream blush. What’s your favourite?


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