The Best of Skincare Tag!

I love reading/watching beauty tags, it’s a quick and easy way to find out what someone’s favourite’s are. I have recently watched Sasha’s (Balanced Beauty Bristol) and Sara’s (Sara Steele) YouTube videos where they have shared their favourite skincare picks. I’d love to share mine with you too, so here goes…

Skin type? My skin type is pretty normal. I’ve never had any real problems with my skin, apart from the odd hormonal spot. It’s probably more on the dry side and definitely in the ‘mature’ bracket now!

How do you store your skincare products? Usually in my bathroom. I say usually as if I’ve been photographing something, it can be anywhere there was good lighting! I tend to keep what I’m currently using by my sink and store the rest in a draw under the sink.

Favourite ingredient? Ooh, that’s a tricky one. I don’t have a standout favourite, but looking at the products I like to use, a lot of them have sunflower seed oil as a top ingredient.

Most indulgent product? This is probably Oskia’s Micro Exfoliating Balm. It’s £48, so an indulgence, but I loved using this and would love to use it again.

Best Budget Buy? I think I have to choose the brand Skin Blossom. They have a good range of products made from natural and organic ingredients at a great price.

Do you use any tools? No. I have bought a facial massage roller in the past, but it’s now at the back of the drawer!

Best Mask? I love using a balm as an overnight mask. My current favourite is Mallow & White’s Blossom Balm. It’s 100% organic and made with only 7 ingredients, including lavender oil which makes it perfect to use in the evening.

Best Multi-Use? This was a close one between another balm and Weleda’s Skin Food. I’m going to say Weleda Skin Food. I use this on my lips, to groom my eyebrows, to highlight my cheekbones as well as on any areas of dryness.

If you had to stick to one skincare brand what would it be? I am loving Terre Verdi at the moment.

Best spot treatment? I’d use a simple tea tree oil on any blemishes.

Favourite step of your skincare routine? I love cleansing – especially in the bath. I like to massage a balm or oil onto my face, relax for a minute or two before removing with a flannel soaked in warm water.

What’s on your skincare wish list? I’d really like to try something from Kypris. All of their products look and sound amazing, but are on the pricey side.

I’d love to hear what your skincare favourites are. Let me know if you decide to do this tag.



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