Jane Iredale Purebrow Brow Gel

I have loved using the EcoBrow Defining Wax in shade Penelope (unfortunately, this is hard to find in the UK). However, you do need to use a separate brush and spend a little bit of time when applying this.

I have recently finished Pacifica’s Stunning Brows clear brow gel and found it a quick way to make my eyebrows look groomed. Although I used this until the end (always a good sign), I felt it could have done with a little more ‘hold’ power. On the lookout for a replacement, I decided to give this Jane Iredale Purebrow Brow Gel in Brunette a go.

The finish this gives, is a combination between both the Eco Brow defining wax and the Pacifica brow gel. Unlike the Pacifica brow gel which is clear (I believe there are colour  options available for this), this is in shade Brunette, which matches my dark brows really well.

You need to use a light hand (I have been making sure most of the product is off the wand before using) and has a great ‘hold’ to it, keeping my brows in shape for most of the day. My brows naturally want to migrate south, so it is important for me to use something that keeps them in place throughout the day.

I should also mention that the brush on the ‘wand’ is pretty large for a brow product, so perhaps not for those with sparse brows.

Although there are times when I like nothing more than spending time applying my makeup, there are also many days where I just want to spend five minutes before leaving the house and this is where a product like this comes in to play. I can’t remember the last time I used my EcoBrow, reaching for this Jane Iredale Purebrow Brow Gel instead. I’m tempted to pick this up in clear too, as I do have to be a little careful when applying this to make sure the colour goes on my brows and not the skin around it. With the clear gel, I really could just swipe and go!

Have you used any of the Jane Iredale brow products? I’ve heard good things about the Great Shape Eyebrow Kit.



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