Post Holiday Pamper Products

I’ve just returned from holiday in Thailand where the sun and long flight have taken it’s toll on my skin. Apart from basic skincare, I tend to have a break from my beauty routine when I’m on holiday. This time, as my cleanser leaked (every drop) on the way out, I didn’t even wear makeup – and I really enjoyed ‘going bare’ (I did get some horrified glances from my daughter at times)!

Now I’m back, I am ready for a post holiday pamper! This is what I’ve used…

Madara Active AHA Brightening Peel Mask* // Latvian brand Madara was introduced to me through LoveLula’s monthly Beauty Box (a great way to try new products) and I’ve been impressed with everything I’ve tried. This face mask was included in April’s box and I used it for the first time in this pamper session. I have recently been turning to skincare with active acids to help renew and brighten my skin. This was perfect for me to use post holiday.

Evolve Beauty Tropical Blossom Body Polish* // I used this in the shower to remove any dry, flaky skin (which after a holiday in the sun happens to me – particularly my shins). This is quite abrasive, so I’d avoid using it on any delicate/sensitive skin. I won this in a raffle at the last Gorgeously Green Gathering, along with the Tropical Blossom Body Butter. I skip using the Body Butter when I am going to be applying self tan afterwards. As well as leaving my skin flake free, the Body Polish also provides just the right amount of moisture to apply the tan.

Eco By Sonya Winter Skin* // I’m just about to finish this (certified organic) self tan – I’ve really enjoyed using this and will definitely be repurchasing. I find it easy to use; it is very subtle at first, so very little risk of going wrong. I tend to build up the colour over a few days and use it on my face as well as my body. It has a pleasant scent and I love the natural, sun-kissed tan it gives.

Silvan Skincare Skin Therapy Face Oil* // This is the oil that I turn to when my skin needs a little TLC. I was kindly sent this to try from Silvan Skincare and admit, it’s not been until recently that I have appreciated the quality of the ingredients in this face oil which include organic evening primrose, jojoba and chamomile. It has a slightly thicker, richer texture than most of my other oils, yet does not feel heavy or sticky on my skin. I can really feel it going to work to soothe and hydrate my face. Keep an eye out for my full review.

Tropic Skincare Lip Butter // I came back from holiday with extremely dry sides of my mouth. Probably a combination of the long haul flight and sun. I was given this as part of a Tropic Skincare set for my birthday. I’m still a little sceptical about the ‘multi level marketing’ approach of Tropic, but this lip butter (can’t find the exact one to link on their website unfortunately), was brilliant at getting my very dry lips back to normal.

Bodhi & Birch Lime Blossom Protecting Hand Serum // I don’t know what happens to my hands on holiday, but they are always in need of some serious attention when I return. I don’t use this Bodhi & Birch hand serum enough! I have, however, been using it twice daily recently which has worked wonders in making the backs of my hands look a little more human again!

Kure Bazaar Nail Polish So Vintage // This is such a sophisticated shade of polish. I currently have this on my toes, but would happily wear on my fingers too. It’s quite a deep dusky rose and is one of my favourites.

ncLA Nudes // I bought this when I was in LA in the summer and there’s not many uses left unfortunately. This shade is a gorgeous nude pink which compliments the Kure Bazaar So Vintage beautifully (and looks great with a tan)!

Do you have any post holiday pamper products you turn to?



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