Soil Association Organic Beauty & Wellbeing Week

This week the Soil Association has been celebrating ‘organic beauty & wellbeing week‘. Amber visited the Soil Association’s pop up in Shoreditch, London at the beginning of the week. She has written a blog post about it here.

Interest in organic beauty is on the rise, which is great news. However, trying to determine what is a genuine organic product is no easy task. There are currently no legal standards in place for organic beauty, leading to many brands claiming their products are organic, without actually having any organic ingredients in them. Shocking, I know.

So, how can you be sure you’re genuinely buying organic? One way is to look for a certification logo such as Soil Association’s (although, I must add, there are many great organic brands that aren’t certified). If you’re unsure what you’re looking for in the ingredient list, then opting for a certified organic product allows you to buy with confidence.

There is a slight problem, in that there are many different certification organisations all with their own standards. However, the good news is that Soil Association have teamed up with four European partners to create a new cosmetic organic standard known as COSMOS. The reason behind this is to bring together organic standards throughout the world.

There are two levels of certification with COSMOS; one for organic products and one for natural, leaving the choice up to your, depending on your priorities. Not only do certain standards have to be met in terms of ingredients, but all the way through the production process, from facilities, cleaning materials to packaging – pretty impressive and definitely a symbol to look out for.

There is an extensive list of Soil Association certified brands (some of which are new to me – I’m off to check them out now!) You can see them all here.

A few of my favourite brands are Green People, Botanicals and Terre Verdi (use code WOMEN to receive 15% off Terre Verdi). LoveLula are also offering 15%off  all Soil Association certified products, but you will need to be quick as this ends tomorrow, 21st May (use code SA15 – click here for link).

If you’re new to green beauty and wondering where to start, then I hope this has been helpful to you!


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