My Summer Morning Skincare Routine


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I’ve never really established a definite morning skincare routine like I have with my evening routine. I find that as my evening skincare ritual is so thorough, there’s not much left to do in the morning!

I do like the freshness of a micellar water (although I wouldn’t choose to use one for a proper cleanse) and have recently been using Madara’s Miceallar Water* (£14). I pour a little on to a cotton pad (the bottle design annoys me slightly as you can’t squeeze it) and wipe over my face. It leaves my face feeling fresh and clean and not at all dry. I would not suggest using a micellar water in place of a cleanser, but it does the job for me in the morning.

I then go in with Pixi Glow Tonic (£18 250ml) (controversial, I know). I am currently slightly obsessed with skincare expert Caroline Hirons and hang off her every word! She tells me I need acids in my life, and after using my daughter’s Glow Tonic (with glycolic acid), I have gone on to buy a bottle (or two) of my own.

It’s not a ‘green skincare’ product and I battled with myself as to whether to use it, however I’ve noticed that this really improves the appearance of the milia spots on my face and, if I’m honest, I enjoy using it. Glow Tonic contains 5% glycolic acid which works to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, helping skin to look brighter, which I believe it does.

I’m also currently using a vitamin C serum (Caroline probably told me to use this too)! I have a post on ‘vitamins in skincare’ in the pipe line. I am currently using The Body Deli Vital Vitamin C Cream* (£54.50) kindly sent to me by A Beautiful World. This needs a blog post all to itself, but in a nutshell, the amount of vitamin C in our skin reduces as we age. Adding (the right sort) of vitamin C to your skincare helps fight free radicals which can damage the skin’s collagen.

Wearing an SPF is an essential part of my skincare routine. I admit to not being particularly diligent during winter (if I’m honest, I don’t wear a separate SPF at all), but I don’t go out without one during the summer months. I have used, and loved, Green People’s Facial Sun Cream but am currently using Juice Beauty CC Cream SPF30 (£41) which I’m loving. It feels a lot more like skincare rather than sun cream or make-up. I have shade Natural Glow.

That was my review of my current summer skincare routine. What are your morning skincare favourites?


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