Upping My Skincare Game!

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Upping My Skincare Game!

I have been aware over recent months, that as I get older, my skin may be needing a little ‘extra’ in terms of skincare. What that ‘extra’ was, I was unsure of, but after doing some research, I decided I needed to up my skincare game and add some powerhouse products into my routine!

Disclaimer: I’m not going to pretend that I am a skincare expert – I’m definitely not! I just know what I like and what works for my pretty normal, mature skin.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A (also known as retinol) is recommended to help with any skin discolouration, along with improving the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. I definitely have a little bit of both. It’s generally available in serum form, so is best applied after cleansing and toning and followed with a moisturiser. Extra care should be taken with regard to sun exposure after using vitamin A.

Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum

After searching for a natural vitamin A serum, I came across the Mad Hippie brand via Iherb (this was my first foray into shopping from the US and it was fine)!

I have been using Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum for a couple of months now. It is recommended to use this every other night at first, building up to using every night. Never one to follow the rules, I went straight in to using using this every evening and have been for two or three months now.

It has a pipette applicator (which isn’t ideal as it is best to keep active ingredients away from exposure to air) and I apply a few drops to my clean skin. It suggests leaving for 10 minutes before applying a moisturiser, but in reality, I wait for as long as it takes to clean my teeth.

I’ve never had any particular skin issues, so I always struggle to see any major improvement when using skincare. I tend to judge on how much I enjoy using a product and how it feels on my skin rather than any visible results. It is only over the last couple of weeks I’ve felt my skin does look, dare I say it, younger. As I am using a combination of new products, I can’t put it down to the Vitamin A alone, but something is working!

Alpha Hydroxy Acids

Alpha hydroxy acids help exfoliate the skin as well as stimulate collagen, both great for more mature skin. It also helps with dullness and can fade any discolouration.

Pixi Glow Tonic

This has been a surprise favourite of mine; a product that I currently can’t be without. It is made with 5% glycolic acid (a form of Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and I am convinced this is responsible for reducing the milia on my face (little white bumps under the skin). I must stress this is just my opinion and what has worked for me, I’m not saying this will work for everyone. If you have sensitive skin, I would approach this with caution. I can feel a very slight tingle when I use this.

I know it’s not natural (it is a cruelty free brand), but I’ll live with that. If anyone has a suggestion for a natural alternative to Pixi Glow, then let me know!

Vitamin C

The benefits of using (the right) vitamin C serum is endless. It can stimulate collagen production, helps protect against ‘free radicals’ – molecules that cause premature ageing, can help reduce the appearance of sun damage and can make the skin appear brighter to name but a few! It was no brainer for me to add this to my skincare routine! There are many different formulation of a vitamin C serum – you do need to choose wisely.

The Body Deli Vital C Serum

I was very kindly sent The Body Deli Vital C Serum*, which is packed with a powerhouse of ingredients, to try by the lovely people at A Beautiful World. I was thrilled as I was on the look out for a vitamin C serum to incorporate in to my skincare routine. The Body Deli was a pioneer for fresh, raw, organic skincare and is a brand I trust. You can see a full list of ingredients here.

I like that this comes with a pump dispenser as this helps keep the active ingredients stable. Although this comes in an (almost) opaque bottle, I have been keeping this in a cabinet to keep it away from any sunlight which will also keep it at it’s best.

I tend to use this after using the Glow Tonic in the morning and, unlike most serums, I do find this leaves my skin feeling hydrated, therefore, I have been skipping adding an additional moisturiser, just going straight to my Juice Beauty CC Cream over recent weeks. I do sometimes use it in the evening too after applying the Vitamin A Serum; not sure if this is ‘correct’ but I can’t see it doing any harm.

I view using serums a little bit like taking medicine. I can’t instantly feel a benefit when I first use them, but I’m hoping they are doing some good! As with the Mad Hippie Vitamin A Serum, at first, I wasn’t sure if this was doing anything for me. However, like I mentioned, I do believe my skin is looking a little fresher after using this skincare trio over the past couple of months.

I am nearing the end of both the Vitamin A serum and the Vital C Serum, and I’m not sure I can be without them now. Decision time, as the The Body Deli Vital C Serum is pricey at £54.50!

I hope you enjoyed my roundup of my current skincare saviours. Are you using anything at the moment you’d recommend?


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