Sun Screen | Alba Botanica Clear Spray

Recently, I encountered a bit of a rebellion from my (teenage) children when we were on holiday over Easter. They hated putting their sun cream on. In fact, after I said “you put it on or stay in your room”, one of them did just that, stayed in their room!

Just like hiding vegetables in their meals (I still do this), I needed to find a way to make applying SPF more appealing to them and that is where Alba Botanica SPF stepped in. More specifically, they spray on formula.

This first came to my attention via CosNatural’s instagram page and I promptly ordered a couple of bottles. I chose the Herbal Fresh SPF35 and Fragrance Free Clear SPF50. I can tell you there was a clear favourite!  The Herbal Fresh left a noticeable white coating on my skin as opposed to the invisible Fragrance Free Clear Spray.


I gave this a good road test during our recent heat wave. I wasn’t sure that, although this is factor 50, a spray could give me full protection. I was wrong. There has been no hint of any redness and, although sprays are not as economical to use, I promptly stocked up for my summer holiday (which is where I am writing this from)! I was also pleased to see they are endorsed by the Skin Cancer Foundation.

It is so easy to use. Simply spray and go! It applies pretty dry, although it does feel and smell a little like hairspray, but that aside, this is the easiest and possibly the most effective SPF I have used. More to the point, my children are using it – without being asked! It’s worth noting I’d avoid using this on your face. I am still using my Green People Facial Sun Cream for that.

CosNatural only had a couple of bottles left when I went to reorder, but kindly pointed me in the direction of Lucy Rose where I added the Kids Suncreen Tropical Fruit Clear Spray SPF50 along with some more Fragrance Free bottles to my order. Unfortunately, they only had a limited number left in stock too, so I continued my hunt and found more from Big Green Smile!

I think I have in excess of 15 bottles! We’re a couple of days in to a three week holiday in the Mallorcan sun and this has not let the family down.

So, if you’re looking for fuss free, effective sun protection, then I can highly recommend (the clear) Alba Botanica range. Thanks for introducing me to it CosNatural!


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