Holiday Hero Beauty Products

holiday beauty productsI’ve recently returned from holiday and wanted to share with you my holiday hero beauty products!

Ogario London Restore and Shine Hair Mask (50ml £10.50)*

If I was to rank these products in order, then I might be bold enough to say this would claim the top spot. I found myself using this daily (well, nightly!) to help keep my hair in good condition.

I ordered this with the points I get each month from on line natural beauty retailer LoveLula. When I saw the 50ml pot, I was a little worried that it would not last very long. However, I was wrong. It was the perfect amount for my three week holiday (I will add, I don’t have long hair).

Ogario London Hair Mask

I used this after washing and conditioning with my Green People Scent Free shampoo and conditioner. It has a very thick consistency which I spread on to the mid lengths and ends of my hair, before tying my hair back.

Although it is suggested to wash this out, I didn’t. I preferred to leave it in. Rightly or wrongly, I felt it help protect my hair the next day in the sun. My hair looked fine with it left in too.

I would like to continue to use this now I’m home, but perhaps on a weekly basis. I’ve already got one waiting in my shopping basket.

Terre Verdi Multi-Tasking Cream (50ml £29.00)

Continuing with the mask theme, I used this Multi-Tasking Cream from one of my favourite brands Terre Verdi as an overnight mask. The ‘cream’ is actually in quite a hard balm texture which I warm between my hands before massaging over my face. Made with 99% organic ingredients, my skin loves this.

Although this does leave quite an oily residue when first applied (and probably transfers to pillows!), my skin feels really well nourished when I wake in the morning. This also works well as a cleanser and to moisturise any dry bits.

Eco By Sonya Personal Outdoor Spray (100ml £14.10)*

This was a bit of a last minute buy, but something I used almost until the end. I really dislike the strong smell of both regular and more natural mosquito sprays. I was, therefore, really pleased when I discovered this worked well at keeping the mosquitoes at bay, without the smell. In fact, I rather liked the scent.

I used this both during the day and the evening only picking up a couple of small bites throughout the holiday. I’d definitely buy this again.

Alba Botanica Clear Spray SPF 50 (177ml £15.99)

Hmm, perhaps this should take the number one spot! I’ll not go into detail about this as I’ve written a blog post which you can read here,

I would 100% recommend this and will not be going on holiday without it again.

What are your holiday hero products?


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