Post Holiday Beauty Routine

My beauty routine whilst on holiday worked really well.  My hair, face and body all behaved beautifully!

However, it’s been a different story since returning home. Within a day or two, all the moisture seemed to be zapped out of my body and a military operation was needed to keep me from looking like a lizard!


My skin always benefits from exfoliation, especially after spending time in the sun. I love Botanicals Rose and Camellia range; it’s perfect for my mature skin. I’ve been using their  Rose and Camellia Cleanse and Polish recently. This is a triple whammy of cleanser, moisturiser and gentle exfoliation! I hadn’t used this in some time and forgot how much I like it.

To help keep my glow, I have turned to Madara’s Peel Mask* which I received in a LoveLula Beauty box. This works like an exfoliator with the AHA working to eliminate dead cells.

I always turn to Silvan Skincare’s Skin Therapy Facial Oil* when I get back from holiday. I can’t put my finger on why. It could be something to do with the amazing ingredients! I have been alternating this with Lyonsleaf Soften and Rejuvinate Facial Oil* which I also received in a LoveLula’s Beauty box. I really enjoyed using this along with the Body Shop’s Facial Roller. This is something I have spells of using. I love using this, but for some reason I never keep it up.


Ogario London Restore and Shine Hair Masque* has saved my hair from suffering from the effects of the sun and the sea (see my Holiday Hero’s post). I have since ordered another pot (along with the shampoo and conditioner) and am using this on a weekly basis. Unlike when on holiday, I am rinsing this out now.


The skin on my body is where the real problem has been. I have found myself needing to constantly exfoliate and moisturise. My arms and legs are suffering the most. Twice daily I am exfoliating my arms and legs. I am using the last of my Evolve Beauty’s Tropical Beauty Body Polish. This is what I would describe as a harsh scrub which is just what my body needs. As well as exfoliating, it moisturises too, leaving my skin soft with a slight oily residue. I would normally skip moisturiser when using this, however, my skin is so dry that I have still felt the need to moisturise.

I prefer to use an oil rather than a lotion and have been slathering myself in Bodhi & Birch’s Body Oils* and Terre Verdi’s PomChouli Body Oil which both do a great job.

I have still occasionally felt the need for extra moisture and have found the Madara Daily Defence Cream* perfect for this. It’s a great size for popping in your bag.

I look and feel so much better with a bit of a sun tan and as there’s been zero chance of keeping this with the British weather, I’m using my Eco By Sonya Winter Skin. This is my favourite, easy to use self tan. I have also recently ordered Eco By Sonya’s Tanning Water to try. I have to be honest, I’m not loving it. The golden glow it gives is great, but it is a water and is very hard to get from your hands to your face without it running everywhere! I don’t like the concept and will just stick to using the Winter Skin on my face in future.

I hope you enjoyed my post holiday skincare routine. What do you use to keep that holiday glow going?


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