Autumn Makeup Clear Out

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I love a good wardrobe clear out, especially as we go into a new season. I am striving to achieve this with my make-up collection as well!

I have recently been through my make-up draw and sorted through what was old, what I didn’t use or was something I used only in the summer months. It was a long over due and very satisfying – I was reunited with some ‘missing’ pieces too!


I threw away a couple of lipsticks that were past their sell by date and I didn’t wear. Both were colours that just didn’t suit me. Sometimes that happens, especially when buying online.

I more often than not choose to wear a nude lip. I have put the more peachy nudes in a bag to keep until spring/summer. I have also put away a brighter coral lipstick.

I love the idea of wearing a bright lip and tend to reach for the plum shades for a more glamorous look in autumn. I have a few favourites which I will keep and some I’m not so keen so will say goodbye too. I also feel I couldn’t not have a red in there, although I’m not so sure a red lip suits me any more. I have a couple of favourites, Wild Fire from Living Nature and Deep Red from Couleur Caramel.

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I’m in the mood for exploring some new foundation options, recommendations welcome! I’ve recently resurrected my Living Nature Foundation which is the second bottle I’ve had. It’s quite drying to apply, but I do like the finish. I’m almost at the end of my Inika Certified Organic Liquid Foundation, which I’ve enjoyed using as an every day foundation. It’s what I’ve used the most recently. I’ve also just repurchased the Jane Iredale Glow Time Full Coverage Mineral BB Cream. This is something I will use for special occasions, when I want a more polished look, as it has a lot more coverage than the others and lasts well. Having said that, it’s also good for mixing with either a moisturiser or a lighter liquid foundation – it’s definitely a favourite of mine.

I often apply a powder foundation on top of my liquid base. I went through a phase of using the PHB Ethical Beauty Loose Mineral Foundation which always surprises me when I use it at how glowy it makes my skin look. Lately I have been reaching for the Inika Baked Mineral Foundation, which initially I was very underwhelmed with. I suppose I still am as a foundation, but I am enjoying using it as a setting powder.

Sorting through my makeup I rediscovered the W3ll People Bio Brightening Powder (I’m struggling to find a link to this in the UK) which I have started to use again. It’s a lovely, light powder that is undetectable on the skin.

I have put away my W3ll People Bio Tint Multi-Action Moisturiser as it’s too dark for me now, as is the Dr Hauschka Translucent Bronzing Tint. I’ve also packed away the Benecos Natural Bronzing Duo as this is definitely a summer make-up item.

In terms of concealer, I have one at the moment (if you don’t include the remnants of my RMS Beauty Un Cover Up) and that is Jane Iredale’s Disappear Concealer – it’s fab.

I have, however, kept my Dr Hauschka Bronzer, even though it is on it’s last legs. The packaging is broken and I’ve hit pan! It’s a matte, subtle, light brown shade which works well to warm up my skin (or for subtle contouring). This would be a good option for those with paler skin tones.

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I’ve kept most of my blushers. My favourites being from Avril Cosmetics and a Jane Iredale Purepressed Blush (in Dubonnet). My RMS Beauty Living Lumizer is something I have spells of using – this is nearing the end of it’s life and could do with being replaced. I have kept the Magic Luminzer, probably not to use on my cheeks now, but on my eye lids as a base for eye shadow.

I have a few cream blushes. I have a Tata Harper Lip and Cheek Tint which is now two years old and needs to go. It was OK, but not something I would repurchase. My current favourite is RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek in shade Modest. I also have a one from Ilia in a coral shade which, to be honest, I haven’t really used, but I’ve also put that in my ‘summer’ bag.

mascara, green beauty, natural beauty, organic beauty , vegan beautyEyes

I was quite ruthless when it came to sorting through my eye section. I have found a couple of eye pencils that work well for me and decided to pass on the ones I don’t use. I have been obsessed with the Benecos Natural Kajals for a subtle hint of autumnal colour – that was until I got my hands on the RMS Beauty Vintage Cake Liner which has taken over as my current obsession!

I have also thrown away some much beloved mascaras, but they had just been around for too long. I really liked the mascaras from W3ll People, Sappho and Green People, but they all had to go (I do have a replacement for the Green People one). I’m going to give the Hynt Beauty Nocturne mascara another try, it didn’t excite me. My two current favourites are PHB Ethical Beauty and Inika Long Lash Mascara. The PHB Ethical Beauty one is not perfect. It takes a bit of care to apply and can leave my lashes feeling a little ‘crispy’. It also takes a little longer to remove at the end of the day. However, once applied, it’s going nowhere and I like that. The Inika Long Lash mascara gives a very similar finish to the PHB mascara and is what I have been using recently.

I’ve thinned out my eye shadows too. Putting some of the bronze shades to one side until summer. I’ve just received a beautiful looking Eyeshadow Palette Nude from Avril Cosmetics which I’m currently trying out which will help streamline my shadows some more. The dark brown shade works really well in my brows too.

Congratulations if you’ve reached the end of this post – it turned out to be a bit of an essay! Do you switch up your makeup for the new season?





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