Combat dull winter skin: Feed Your Face

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Achieving a glowing complexion is high on many people’s list of beauty goals. I’m often asked to recommend products to improve dull, winter skin; and there are lots to choose from to help cheat a radiant complexion. Before I share my favourites with you, I’d always recommend starting from the inside.

I feel helping your skin look it’s best requires a three pronged attack; food/lifestyle, skincare and makeup. I’m a strong believer in you are what you eat.

I am no expert in this field, just someone who is passionate about good skin. This is what I do to help me keep my skin looking it’s best.

lemon, water, hydrate


This is important for so many reasons, not just our skin. I choose to keep hydrated by drinking water – it’s free! I’m generally pretty good at drinking water, but can go through spells of forgetting and when I do, I can see and feel the difference in my face. I’m often at home and make sure I always have a glass of water. As soon as I finish one, I fill it up again. When I’m out and about, I’ll have a reusable (BPA free) water bottle with me. I also try and drink lemon in warm water first thing in the morning half an hour before eating. This helps to flush the digestive system as well as rehydrate the body – both of which are key for healthy skin. The antioxidants from the vitamin C in the lemon help fight damage caused by free radicals (sun, pollution) which also benefits the skin.

winter skin, seeds, fatty acids

Good fats

Recently, I have been making a conscious effort to ‘feed my face’. I’ve bought mixed seeds to sprinkle on…, well, anything I can really(!) which are full of good fats omega 3.

I start the day with a bowl of porridge most mornings where I add coconut oil, super powder, walnuts, blueberries and seeds, as well as tasting good, I feel I’m also doing my skin some good too.

In terms of snacks, we always have a bowl of mixed nuts on the kitchen worktop to munch on. When I’m in the mood, I’ll whizz up some energy balls with a base of dates and coconut oil and cacoa powder, then add nuts, seeds and super powders (I’m currently using Nature’s Heart Vitalising Superpowder with goldenberry, tumeric and coconut. I don’t follow a recipe now, but you could try this one from Deliciously Ella.

avocado, feed your face

I wouldn’t be a proper blogger if I didn’t give an avocado a mention, right? I do try to eat an avo or two throughout the week, even though, if I’m honest, I don’t love them. Packed with antioxidants, vitamin C, vitamin and monounsaturated fats they are a super food for the skin (whether you eat them or use them on your skin). I’ve found sprinkling aforementioned seeds on top along with some chilli flakes increases their appeal to me.

It’s also important what you avoid putting in your body and, you know what’s coming, yes, refined sugar. Eating refined sugar can cause inflammation which in turn produces enzymes that break down collagen and elastin which results in sagging skin and increased wrinkles. I haven’t made a conscious decision to eliminate this completely from my diet, but I find that when I am eating well, I don’t want to eat unhealthily anyway.


Alcohol can play havoc with your skin. I think a major issue is dehydration which contributes to skin looking dull. It can also aggravate existing skin conditions such as rosacea. You’re more likely to crave unhealthy foods after drinking alcohol and also commit the dreaded sin of going to bed with your makeup on!

If you are going to be indulging over the festive season, just be mindful of what and how much you are drinking and try alternating alcoholic drinks with a glass of water.

Exercise/fresh air (depending where you live!)

In terms of lifestyle, getting out and about does wonders for getting your glow on! It’s easy for me to do this as I need to walk my dogs every day and although I’m not always feeling it, I do feel better for doing it. I think most of us can add at least a half hour walk in to our daily routine. Walk up the stairs rather than take the escalator, get off the bus a stop or two earlier. Go for a lunchtime walk – no excuses!


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