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It’s not often you’ll see a ‘disappointing‘ review on here. That’s not because I love everything I try, it’s just, most of the time, I choose to only write about the products I’ve enjoyed. A lot of products I try are okay, but nothing that excites me, therefore if I wrote about them I think it would make for a pretty bland read. I suppose that’s why I’ve named my blog ‘What I Love Today x‘, as I want to share with you the things I’ve loved.

When approached by brands or retailers offering me the opportunity to try a new product I turn down more offers than I take up as I have a pretty good idea what I will like. If, when I use the product, it  doesn’t excite me enough to write about it – I won’t (I do disclaim this before accepting any goods). If I really don’t get on with the product and it has been sent by a brand, I will contact them directly and let them know.

The beauty of creating a blog is that you have complete control over what, when and how you write. I choose to predominantly share with you products I think you may love too. I hope that this doesn’t come across as dishonest in anyway. Some may see this as boring and that’s fair enough, but I would not want readers to think that I was not being honest by omitting to write more negative reviews on here.

With that little issue addressed, as it happens, I do have a collection of disappointing products to share with you today! From time to time I do write a ‘disappointing products’ post.

Tabitha James Kraan Compact Organic Dry Shampoo For Dark Hair (£19.00)

This is my second attempt to get on with a Tabitha James Krann Dry Shampoo. I was sent a bottle a year or two ago to try out. I am a fan of dry shampoo and had struggled to find a natural brand. I had high hopes of finding a new hero product. Unfortunately, this was a product I really didn’t like. It was messy to use and felt very gritty in my hair. This was one of those occasions that I got in touch with the brand to give them my feedback. Interestingly, I was informed that they were changing the packaging (perhaps others had had the same problem?) and a new version was coming soon.

When I saw the new version on LoveLula, curiosity got the better of me and I ordered some with my LoveLula Accredited Blogger points. This is a pricey at £19 for a dry shampoo.

Things didn’t get off to a great start as when I opened it, I inadvertently, unscrewed the bottle rather than pulling the lid off (something I’ve done on more than one occasion) and got covered in a cloud of dry shampoo! I then found I had a similar problem as before, with a slightly gritty residue being left in my hair. I haven’t yet found a natural replacement for my Colab dry shampoo.

Zoya Nail Polish (£11.70)

Although my default shade of nail polish is nude, I do love a good berry colour and was looking forward to trying this Zoya polish in shade Katherine. Unfortunately, this left me disappointed. I found the formula to be thin, making it apply streaky. It was almost impossible to build up an opaque finish which is crucial to me in a dark polish.

Hynt Beauty Aria Lipstick (£26.00)

Oh I so regret buying this! I went against my own good advice and bought this Hynt Beauty lipstick in shade Bellini Nude without trying first. It was expensive too. I was seduced a little by the fancy packaging (it has a mirror and a balm in the lid), but when a couple of people pointed out they thought the packaging was a little ‘old lady’ looking, it immediately put me off! That aside, the formula of this lipstick is too wish-y wash-y for me. It is very sheer and just not anything special. I much prefer my Avril lipsticks at a fraction of the cost. (I can’t find the lipstick to photograph – really annoying!)

Laboratoire du Haut-Segala Organic Lemon Verbena Water (£12.20)

I love a floral water; in fact, I don’t think I could be without one now. Whether that is to use after cleansing to tone my skin, to spritz on my makeup brush when applying my makeup, or to use throughout the day to freshen up. I loved what I read about this. It has simple ingredients and is a good price. However, there is one big problem. I hate the smell and really struggle to use it. I’ll be avoiding anything with lemon verbena in from now on!

Skin and Tonic Makeup Remover (£18.00)

I debated whether to include this in this post as, if I had read more carefully what I was buying, then I would not have been so disappointed! I was drawn to the ‘makeup remover’ name. I love a cleansing oil or balm, but sometimes having something to hand that will remove your makeup quickly is tempting. This is essentially an oil cleanser. If I had read the description (and ingredients) with more care I would have known that. Suggested use is to use a couple of pumps on a cotton pad. This just doesn’t work for me. I’d say it needs to be used exactly as I would an oil cleanser. Massaged directly onto the skin and removed using a warm damp flannel. Even as an oil cleanser, this certainly doesn’t knock my favourite (Terre Verdi Good Oils Cleansing Oil) off the top spot.

I also want to include Eco By Sonya’s Face Tan Water (£24.00). I love Eco By Sony’s Winter Skin. In fact, I may go as far as to say it is my favourite self tan – ever. I wasn’t convinced about the sound of the Tanning Water, but had heard some good things about it. When I ‘won’ some LoveLula points for being the ‘most helpful member’ on the LoveLula Natural Beauty Club FaceBook page, I decided to use them to give the Eco By Sony Tanning Water a go.

I just don’t get this. It is just like trying to apply water to your face. – tricky! It dribbles through your fingers and just feels wrong. My daughter, however, really likes this. In fact, that’s why it’s not in the photo as she has taken it to university with her!

That’s my round up of disappointing products. Have you been disappointed with a beauty product?


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