How I clean my makeup brushes

dr bronner's magic soap

Having a full set of clean brushes is a beautiful sight! There is no question of the importance of keeping your makeup brushes clean. This helps prevent bacteria building up on your brushes which can lead to problems with your skin. Using dirty brushes also compromises your makeup application with your previous makeup choices still hanging around on your brush.

Even though I know why I should keep my brushes clean, it always seems such a chore to set about the task, therefore, I want the process to be as easy as possible. Step in Dr Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap. This, in my opinion, is the most efficient way to get your brushes spanking clean.

makeup brush, green beauty, makeupWhat to use?

I have found Dr Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap to be the best brush cleaning product. I used to work as a makeup artist and have tried many brush cleaning products. It removes all make-up, with very little effort. There are various ‘scents’ to choose from. I don’t have a favourite, although I probably wouldn’t get the unscented version again. I am currently using Peppermint.

How I clean my make-up brushes

I have my brushes lined up by the sink and take each one in tern. I give the heads a quick run under a warm tap. I then squeeze some Dr Bronner’s Castile Liquid Soap in to the palm of my hand and run the brush back and forward. I give it another rinse under a running tap before carefully squeezing any excess water from the brush.

Take care not to allow water to seep in to the shaft of the brush.

I like to give the handles a wipe too. Usually using a flannel to do this.

dr bronner's magic soapHow I dry my brushes

It is important to lay them to dry where air can circulate all around the brush head. I tend to put mine on the bathroom windowsill, or over the edge of the sink.

Dr Bronner’s Castile Castile Liquid Soap is not only a great brush cleaner, I also use it to: clean the dishes, to wash with and also to clean the dogs! It’s the multi-use product for the home.


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