Madara Daily Defence Cream

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you may know that I am currently in Iceland. I am only here for four days so have packed minimal skincare and makeup.

Just before I left I had my eyebrows ‘done’ and developed a little rough red patch just under one brow. I have been really lucky with my skin and rarely encounter any problems at all, so when I do get one I’m never quite sure what to do. I came across the Madara Daily Defence Cream (£15, 60ml) in my draw which I’m pretty sure I received in a LoveLula Beauty Box. I applied a small amount to the affected area and overnight stopped it in it’s tracks. Two days later it has completely disappeared. As this was to hand when it came to packing, I brought it to Iceland with me.

The ‘cream’ has an unusual texture; a mixture between a balm and a cream and has come in very useful during my holiday. I have added a small amount to my cheeks on top of my usual facial oil (I have brought Lyonsleaf Marshmallow Soften and Rejuvenate Facial Oil) before going out for the day to help protect against the harsh weather conditions which can leave my cheeks feeling raw. It’s also great to use as a nourishing lip balm before bed as well as on my hands which have taken a battering as I’ve always got my gloves off to take photos.

This is one of the those products that could have gone unnoticed by me, but has, in fact, turned in to a winter hero product and a saviour for my skin over the last few days. I am so glad I brought it with me.

* I’ve just read this under the description on the LoveLula website:

EFFECTIVENESS TESTED IN ARCTIC WEATHER To test the effectiveness of DD cream in truly extreme conditions, the MADARA team went for a challenging trip to the North and organised a photoshoot outdoors beyond the Arctic circle, in Lapland. The new DD cream protected the team’s skin, lips and hands from the cold and wind.

How very apt I’ve taken it to Iceland and can vouch for what they say!


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