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I often get questions about where to start when it comes to switching to natural beauty products and it is sometimes hard to convince people that it’s easy to do. The first question they ask is ‘where do I buy them?’ The answer is that the majority of the products I buy are sold on-line. However, don’t let that put you off. There are so many incredibly helpful, small business owners who want nothing more than for you to be happy with your purchase. Lots offer sample services and are always available to give advice before you buy.

I have written this post for those who are thinking about making changes towards a more natural beauty routine. These are my brand recommendations and where to buy them.


Odylique is a brand I totally trust. Unfortunately, it can be really hard to know exactly what you’re buying, with many companies masquerading as natural brands. Odylique have an inspiring story (read more here) and most (if not all) of their products are Soil Association certified.

My favourite product from Odylique is their Silk Touch Cleanser (£18) which also comes in a trial size. This is an oil/gel which you apply to your dry face. Massaging with wet finger tips turns the gel into a milk which dissolves makeup and removes daily grime easily. Simply splash your face with warm water to remove. It’s vegan friendly, 100% natural and 98% organic.

Evolve Beauty

Evolve Beauty products are handmade in small batches using only natural and organic ingredients. I have a couple of favourites from this brand. I regularly repurchase the Hyaluronic Serum (£30 – also available in trial size). I look at this like taking a vitamin supplement: I don’t feel any immediate benefit, but I’m hoping it’s working away in the background! I have also recently fallen in love with the Daily Defence Moisture Mist (£20). This also comes in a trial size 30ml for £10.

You can also buy gift sets which are a great way to try a new brand. I love the look of The Organic Skincare Bestsellers Gift Set (£30)

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Green People

I have a real attachment to Green People. There’s another inspiring story behind this brand (read here), and I know I can buy with confidence. My current favourite is their Gradual Tan Moisturiser (£16 – currently £12 with offer), which helps keep me looking alive during the winter months!

This is a brand the whole family have embraced. My son loves the Men Range, my daughter is a big fan of the OY Self Tan (although I have a feeling this may have been discontinued) and my youngest son has just finished the OY Deodorant.

As a family we also use the Green People hair care. There always seems to be some special offer available. At the moment is’s a ‘12 Days of Christmas‘ 12 days, 12 products, £12.


I tried Lyonsleaf for the first time this year and it quickly made it to my favourites list! Their Beauty Balm (£12.95) is a great price at just £12.95 (sample size available). I use it as a cleanser (removing with a warm flannel) and also as an overnight mask. Made from 100% natural plant oils (98% organic) and marketed as suitable for all skins.

Their Marshmallow Unscented Facial Oil (£12.99 currently on offer) is my current favourite oil to use. Again, it is a great price for a facial oil at £12.99 and is made with simple, beautiful ingredients. A good oil to use under makeup as I don’t find it too heavy.


Laidbare is the place to go for affordable skincare. I have repeatedly repurchased their Pack Your Bags Eye Cream (£7.99). I tend not to invest much money in eye creams, so this is perfect for me and I have become quite attached! You could build a whole skincare routine from Laidbare for a reasonable price.

There are quite a few other favourite brands, but if I mentioned them all, this would be one long post! So here’s a shout out to some other favourites: Terre Verdi (see my review here), Bodhi & Birch, Botanicals and Mallow & White.

lovelula, natural beauty boxAnother tip if you’re new to green beauty is to subscribe to a natural beauty box. I currently receive (free of charge) Lovelula’s Monthly Beauty Box (£13.93/month) which is where, in fact, I discovered Laidbare and Lyonsleaf.

Other on-line natural beauty stores to visit are: Eco Beauty Crew, The Organic Co, Content Beauty and Wellbeing and Cos Natural.

I hope this helps to shed some light on the mine field that is green beauty. If you have any questions at all, please do get in touch, I’d be happy to help.


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