What I love in December…..

Hot baths

I love them and, yes, I know you’re not supposed to have them too hot. I’ve had a plentiful supply of bath oils recently thanks to Bodhi & Birch* and Aromatherapy Associates* and love to unwind and warm up in a bath enveloped in beautiful scents. I don’t hang around in there (probably because it’s too hot), but it’s an important part of my day in winter.


Lots of them and not just in December. I love when the clocks go back and the night’s draw in (by January this love has waned). I become a regular visitor at a local stockist of Parkminster candles. I’ve also just been given a PHB Ethical Beauty candle (cinnamon and clove) which I am very impressed with and is perfect for December.

Decorating the house

I love fairy lights (warm white)! Why is it so hard to find lights that aren’t blindingly bright? I think I may have some sort of OCD when it comes to lights. I often get light rage when I’m driving around at Christmas time! I even have a problem with the new ‘warm white’: they’re not the same as my old ‘warm white’! We have a large real tree, which we decorate with baubles collected over the years. We put it up around 17th so it still has some life in it for the big day! It’s a no tinsel tree. This year’s is a beauty!

Baking (festive themed!)

I’ve discovered Jamie Oliver’s Gingerbread People recipe which makes the most delicious biscuits (I use star cutters). The dough freezes well too. I also baked Nigella Lawson’s Chocolate Gingerbread with ginger ale icing recently, which was amazing (even though I didn’t read the method properly and baked in a loaf tin instead of a brownie tin).

Family games

Oh, I love a family game and have some firm favourites. Sequence is a must. If you haven’t played Sequence get yourself over to Amazon ASAP! We are on to our second board and probably nearing our third! It’s a great game for the whole family (probably from 10 years). I like to buy a new game (or two) around Christmas and this year I’ve bought Listography. A list making game that everyone, young and old can get involved in. Very easy to understand and great fun. I also bought Perudo which has gone down a storm with my teenage sons. We have played this multiple times a day since I bought it a couple of weeks ago.

What do you love about December?

Main photo courtesy of Pinterest!


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