Foundation Review: Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation

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Finding the perfect fit foundation is like discovering the perfect pair of jeans. I have a few pairs of jeans in my wardrobe that I thought were perfect when I first tried them, but actually when worn, aren’t so good and that’s a little like how I feel about this Ere Perez Oat Milk Foundation in shade Medium. This is a liquid foundation which is my preference as I think liquids suit my more mature skin better than a cream or powder.

I went against my own advice when I bought this online. I would always advise to try a sample before buying a foundation. On first impressions I was really quite pleased (and a little relieved) that my online purchase had not been a waste of money. The colour which is what I was most worried about was a pretty good match with my self tanned skin. It wasn’t until I paid close attention knowing I was going to write a review that I realised it perhaps wasn’t as good as I first thought. It developed a slight orange hue after wearing for a while and when I photographed my face with this on one side, I also noticed that it appeared to emphasise fine lines.

I find a lot of natural foundations don’t have the ‘silicone slip’ of a regular base, which is good of course in terms of ingredients, but not so good in terms of application. This definitely falls into the ‘no slip’ category meaning you do have to work quite quickly to blend before it dries.

swatch, ere perez oat milk foundation, review

I also find this to feel quite dry on my skin, even after moisturising well. The benefit of having a base that dries down quickly, however, is it tends to have greater staying power, which this does have.

This gives a light to medium coverage, but can be built up, although , as I’ve discovered, it has a tendency to settle into fine lines if I do this.

swatch, ere perez oat milk foundation, foundation, green beauty

It’s okay, certainly not a disaster, but not one I would hurry to buy again. I prefer a more hydrating foundation with more of a glowy finish. Having said that, I would be up for trying the lighter shade.

I think this would suit a younger, normal/combination skin. I haven’t found my perfect fit with this one.




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