Makeup Tips For Mature Skin

makeup, mature skin, glowing skin, beautyI think what I’ve learnt about applying makeup to my more mature skin is that less is definitely more and I lean towards liquid and cream products.

One piece of advice, which may seem a little obvious, is to look at your face although don’t go in with a magnifying mirror – nobody is going to be looking at you that closely! However, do look at yourself and establish the areas where you feel you need a little help. You’re likely find that it’s not your whole face, therefore, there’s no need to apply makeup to your entire face, which often results in a mask like effect.

Less is More

I have areas of darkness in the corner of my eyes which I lighten using a creamy concealer. Two concealers I’d recommend are RMS Beauty Un Cover-Up (I use shade 11) and Jane Iredale Disappear. RMS is very creamy and works well on dry skin and the under eye area, although it doesn’t have the greatest staying power. The Jane Iredale Disappear Concealer is more hardcore. It is still creamy, but you need to work quite quickly with it as it does dry quickly which makes it longer lasting than RMS Un Cover Up. This is what I would recommend for covering blemishes or areas of discolouration. I also like  to apply concealer to my eyelids to eliminate any discolouration which helps make my eyes look more awake and is good preparation for any eye shadow. It’s wise to set concealer with a little light translucent  powder.

In terms of choosing a foundation, I prefer to use a liquid formula and one with a light to medium coverage. I also choose hydrating formulas that help achieve a healthy glow. I tend to only use a small amount and apply from the centre of my face outwards. Inika Liquid Foundation is one of my current favourites.

Fake a Glow

Mature skin can look a little dull; I like to fake a glow with a cream highlighter. My favourite is RMS Beauty’s Living Luminizer. This is my preferred choice for a subtle healthy sheen to my cheeks. It is not an obvious highlighter which helps keep the look natural and fresh. I apply on the tops of my cheek bones, making sure I keep it away from any lines around my eyes.

A product I love to use before applying my foundation is the Couleur Caramel Makeup Base. It’s great if you have a drier skin and want a dewy look (I think this has made it’s way to uni with my daughter who used it over Christmas).

Thicker Lashes

As my eyes are quite deep set and are slightly hooded, I like to keep my lids fairly neutral most of the time and concentrate on making my lashes appear thicker. I do this with liner and, of course, mascara. My favourite black liners to use are Living Nature Eye Pencil (Midnight) and Zao Pencil Eyeliner (Back), however, I am currently loving the Benecos Natural Liners in Brown and Olive as an alternative to black. Brown has a hint of red which I love (trust me, it works). They are soft to use, easy to smudge and gentle on the eyes.

Masacra is an absolute must for me. I massage the wand into the roots of my lashes before stroking up the whole lash. My current favourites are from PHB Ethical Beauty and Inika.

Line your Lips

I use a lip liner on a daily basis. Lips can lose definition as we age, using a liner in a neutral shade helps your lips appear fuller. I take the liner over the entire lip area to keep it natural looking. My all time favourite lip liners are from Jane Iredale.

A slick of gloss on the top of the liner helps towards a more youthful look.

I hope you enjoyed my makeup tips for mature skin. Watch out for my ‘Favourite Makeup Application Tools’ coming soon.





  1. ayo
    1st March 2018 / 2:01 am

    Hi Carrie, Nice to found your blog. Thank you for sharing great info over natural cosmetics. I’m curious to buy one of these. Inika Liquid Foundation or their BB cream, PHB Ethical Beauty Botanical BB Cream, Jane Iredale’s Glow Time BB Cream. Since you seems tried them all. I’d like to ask you the comparison qua texture. I’d like to have SPF but I rather do it separately if the Inika texture lightest and smoothest to apply. I have mature sensitive combination skin. I will purchase the Jane Iredale Disappear Concealer since the un-cover up was not strong enough for my dark spots. Also curious to hear your recommendation for SPF cream as well for upcomoing seasons. Thanks a lot!

    • 30th March 2018 / 5:33 pm

      Hi! Sorry, have only just seen your comment. That’s great to hear you have found my information helpful. In terms of SPF, I either use Green People’s Facial Sun Cream SPF30 or have recently started using Kimberly Sayer’s Ultra Light Facial Moisturiser SPF30 which could be perfect for your combination skin. I have just tried the Inika concealer which is very similar to the Jane Iredale’s Disappear. I think my favourite out of the bases is the Inika Liquid foundation – let me know how you get on! C x

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