Most Used Makeup Application Tools

Using the right tools to apply your makeup can make all the difference. These are my current favourite tools to use.


I tend to use my fingers when I am applying a light foundation or tinted moisturiser. I also like to apply concealer with my fingers (especially on the under eye area). I think the warmth of my fingers helps the product sink into the skin.

Makeup Brush

The Real Techniques Expert Face Makeup Brush is my preferred brush to use for my foundation at the moment. I like applying my makeup with a brush. I find it helps to create a more polished look. I  always use it slightly damp (I like to spritz it with a floral water – a bit decadent I know).

I have recently discovered the Real Techniques Expert Concealer Brush and can say it’s the best I’ve used. I feel it is a mini version of the Expert Face Makeup brush which I also use with a spritz of floral water. This is a good brush for getting in to any creases. It’s also good for applying any liquid product to the eyelids. .

The Lily Lolo Tapered Contour brush is what I tend to use for powder highlight and bronzer. The tapered head makes it perfect to apply your powder just where you want it. I’ve washed this regularly (with Dr Bronner’s Magic Soap) and it keeps it shape and doesn’t shed it’s hair – a problem I have had with other longer haired brushes.

Makeup Sponge

My daughter always uses the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Makeup sponge to apply her full coverage foundation. I tend to use this if I feel my makeup is looking a little too heavy. Bouncing a damp sponge over my face helps to sheer out my base.

Floral Water

This is an absolute must for me. As I mentioned, I use it to dampen my makeup tools, but I also like to spritz on to my face when I have finished doing my makeup. One of my all time favourites is this Evolve Beauty Daily Defence Moisture Mist

Do you have any favourite tools you use to apply your makeup?


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