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I love skincare and although I’m always on the lookout for new products, I often find myself falling into a routine, reaching for the same products each day. My current morning skincare routine seems to be working well for my skin so I thought I’d share what I’m using with you.

I like to do my skincare as soon as I get up, before going downstairs for breakfast. It gives my skin a chance to absorb the products and also my face a little time to wake up before applying my makeup!

Pixi Glow Tonic £18.00

I have been using this as part of my skincare routine for a long time now (I know this is not a natural product, although it is cruelty free). It’s made with 5% glycolic acid (a form of alpha hydroxy acid) and I am convinced this is responsible for reducing the milia on my face (little white bumps under the skin). I must stress this is just my opinion and what has worked for me, I’m not saying this will work for everyone. If you have sensitive skin, I would approach this with caution. I can feel a very slight tingle when I use this.

Mad Hippie Vitamin C Serum £28.00

The benefits of using (the right) vitamin C serum is endless. It can stimulate collagen production, help protect against ‘free radicals’ – molecules that cause premature ageing, can help reduce the appearance of sun damage and can make the skin appear brighter to name but a few! Therefore, it is a no brainer for me to include a vitamin C serum in my skincare routine.

I have enjoyed using a few products from the Mad Hippie range (now available in the UK) and have been using this vitamin C serum on a regular basis in the morning. I’m hoping the impressive list of ingredients is doing some good to my skin.

Botany Blends Vega Illuminating Face Oil* £52.00

My skin loves a facial oil. I do not go a day without using one. I find them so much more hydrating than a regular moisturiser. I was kindly sent this to try by Botany Blends and although it is suggested to use this at ‘twilight’ I have loved using it in the morning. The scent is incredibly uplifting (check out the ingredients here), I often spend a moment or two inhaling the oil on my hands before massaging onto my face.

It has all the qualities I am looking for to help my mature skin: smoothing, plumping and helping with elasticity and I do feel it leaves my skin with a healthy glow.

I don’t find this too heavy at all for morning use and find it works well under my makeup. Also, how beautiful is the bottle?

Madara Anti Fatigue Eye Rescue Cream £31.00*

Eye cream is one of the products I feel that I can live without. Having said that, I received this in one of the LoveLula beauty boxes earlier this year and have used it almost until the end. I don’t really suffer from dark circles or puffiness, but do have fine (and not so fine) lines. Using this adds extra hydration and helps makeup glide smoothly over the area.

The Body Shop Oils of Life Twin Balls Facial Massager £16.00

This is something that I have had for a while now. It has spent a lot of time languishing at the bottom of my drawer, however, over the past couple of weeks I have used it almost daily. I like to bring it downstairs after applying my Vega face oil and use it while I have my morning cup of coffee.

Although I don’t have any particular issues with my skin on my face, I have really noticed it heading south recently (particularly around my mouth and jaw) and am hoping that facial massage will help to tighten things up (I have recently had a facial massage treatment at Content Beauty – you can read about my experience here).

Kimberly Sayer Ultra Light Organic Facial Moisturiser SPF30 – £26.50

Although this is from LoveLula, it is something I chose to buy myself rather than through the Blogger Scheme. I had heard so many good reports that I felt I had to give it a try. I have been a dedicated fan of Green People’s Facial SPF having purchased multiple bottles which I have used during the summer months. However, I am guilty of only using a sunscreen for only half of the year. I was keen to try more of an everyday moisturiser with an SPF of 30 or above.

I apply this at the end of my skincare routine. It is very light, absorbs well and has slipped effortlessly into my morning routine.

glowing skinI hope you enjoyed reading about my current morning skincare favourites. I’d love to know what yours are.


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