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Although I am partial to the occasional massage, I don’t think I have ever had a professional facial. I’ve always enjoyed looking after my skin and I suppose I’ve felt I’ve done a good enough job at home. It’s also not that easy to find a salon that uses natural and organic products especially outside of London.

I was very excited to receive a Content Beauty & Wellbeing gift voucher for Christmas. I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t tempted to spend it all on makeup, however, I decided to treat myself to my first facial; the question was which one?

There were two main contenders for me: the Pai Skincare Facial or the Natural Lift Facial Massage. I really like Pai Skincare and can imagine how lovely a facial using their products would be, however, my main skin concern at the moment is loss of elasticity, so I opted for the Natural Lift Facial Massage.

On arrival I filled in a questionnaire asking standard health questions before being introduced to Andrea who would be performing the facial massage.

The treatment room is situated below the shop. To say it’s not the most glamorous of treatment rooms is an understatement!

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My Natural Lift Facial Massage was carried out using Amala products. There was the obvious facial massage (really nice), but also the most amazing neck and shoulder massage that I have ever had. I have never had a neck massage whilst lying on my back (my head position was adjusted to make this easy). I’m getting a funny feeling just thinking about it! It was divine.

With the combination of oils used and the facial massage, my skin really did feel plumped and glowing and noticeably softer when I left the store.

Although I loved the experience and am seriously thinking about having this done on a regular basis, I do feel I need to point out there was quite a bit of noise! Along with the confirmation email, I was warned of potential noise from above given the age of the building and the wooden floors. This was certainly evident, along with what sounded like gurgling pipes! Perhaps it would be a good idea to bring some headphones with you if you think that would bother you.

Of course, you can always combine your treatment with a bit of retail therapy at the end too – well, it would be rude not to wouldn’t it?!

* When I came to add links to this post I became very confused. I did book a Natural Lift Facial Massage, however, I had clearly forgotten what that entailed. The description on the website did not match my experience. I thought that I must have had the Amala facial (given the use of the Amala products), however, that does not match my experience either! I had a great facial, but haven’t a clue which one!!



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