RMS Beauty Review (with swatches)

swatchesRMS Beauty has earned cult status in the green beauty world (in fact, not just the green beauty world), and rightly so.

Founder, makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, is passionate about creating natural and organic beauty products using only top quality ingredients. I have met Rose-Marie on a couple of occasions and she never fails to inspire me.

The brand consists of predominantly cream based products, which are the perfect choice for mature skin and follows the ‘less is more‘ philosophy. They’re also pretty fool proof to use too, ideal for those who are not overly confident in the make-up department.

You could easily create a ‘capsule makeup wardrobe’ with RMS Beauty as most products can be used in multiple ways.

I have recently been reaching for my RMS Beauty makeup on a daily basis and wanted to share some of my collection with you.


I have finished a couple of pots of the RMS ‘Un’ Cover Up concealer/foundation. I tend to use this as a concealer/brightener, using a shade which is a lighter than my natural skin tone (I have shade 11). I start my makeup routine by dabbing a little ‘Un’ Cover Up over my eye lids. This helps to neutralise redness, brighten, as well as act as a primer for any powder shadow. I also apply to any areas of darkness such as the corners of my eyes, and around my nose and chin.

You can also use this sparingly as a base, although as I have a shade lighter than my skin tone, I don’t do this. However, I think I am going to add the shade 22 to my RMS collection! You could even use a darker shade for a spot of natural contouring/bronzing, although at £34 they’re not cheap.

Ingredients including coconut oil, caster seed oil and jojoba oil make this ideal for drier, mature skin. The oils help with hydration and the creamy formula means there is no dragging on delicate skin.

This comes in seven shades for porcelain pale 000 to deeper toned skin 55.


If you’re after a healthy glow (let’s face it who isn’t?) then RMS Living Luminizer is for you. The sheer formula makes this perfect for adding a subtle sheen to your skin – there’s no obvious highlight or glitter in sight!

It’s not just for the cheekbones either, I use mine on my eye lids, corner of my eyes and my cupids bow.

If you have a medium to dark skin tone, or like a more obvious highlight, then you may prefer RMS Magic Luminzer. or Master Mixer. Rather than a cooler pearl undertone, they have warm champagne/rose gold tones. Still on the subtle side, but more noticeable than the Living Luminizer. I like to use either of these as a cream shadow; alone or as a base for a powder shadow. I tend to use these more as a highighter during the summer months or for a more glamorous evening look.

rms beautyLips/Cheeks

Cream blush is a great choice for mature skin. RMS Lip2Cheek helps to inject a youthful flush to your cheeks as well as a glow. I do think you need a bit of practice to apply a cream blush correctly (see my Cream Blush And How To Apply It post), or you can end up looking a little clown like.

Although this can be used on your lips too, I tend to keep it for my cheeks.

* I have recently tried Ere Perez Carrot Pot in Harmony and might have to say I prefer it to the RMS Beauty Lip2Cheek. The formula is a little creamier and the shade Harmony is perfect for my complexion. (I think this might currently be out of stock at LoveLula).

The RMS Wild With Desire lipstick range is really impressive. I chose the shade Jezebel to try: a vibrant pink/red. I loved the formula, feel on my lips, colour payoff  as well as the staying power, however, on reflection, decided a bright lip wasn’t for me. I have got my eye on Vogue Rose for spring though.

swatches, rms beauty, natural beauty, makeup, beauty bloggerEyes

I have had an on-off love affair with the RMS Eye Polish. They’re not something you’d use if you’re looking for staying power. They do, however, give a gorgeous sheer metallic wash to your lid. Nothing too obvious, and once again, something I like to use on my more mature eye lids.

I am currently going through a copper phase and have just added Lucky to my collection. This is one of the more vibrant shades available and really makes your eyes pop (I think this would suit most eye shades too).

They work well on their own (but, as I said, don’t last all day) or as a base for powder eye shadow.

Talking of powder shadows, RMS Swift Shadows are a fairly recent addition to the collection. I have a few from the range, although, haven’t been reaching for them lately. I was clearly having a ‘grey smoky eye’ phase when I placed my order! They are silky soft and have a satin finish and come in some beautiful neutral shades. I would love to see a palette of powder shadows.

I was so excited when I saw the launch of the RMS Beauty Cake Liner. I used to love the Laura Mercier Tightline Cake Liner and it was one of the products I missed when I switched to green beauty.

This is great for adding extra definition to your lash line. I use it with a damp small slanted brush and push it in between my lashes. Green makeup artist Lou Dartford has written a review which you can read here.

Setting Powder

I came in to possession of the RMS Beauty Tinted ‘un’ Powder by accident. I bought it for my daughter in my continued desire to bring her away from the ‘dark side’ of beauty, only to find it abandoned on her return to university. Curious, I gave it a try and loved it! It probably wouldn’t be the shade I would have chosen (0-1), but it works well for me. It is so silky soft and light on the skin – hardly detectable, providing just enough coverage to mattify any excess shine without leaving skin looking flat or dull.


The RMS Beauty Signature Set in Mod is the perfect way to try out some of the classics from the range. It is the ideal travelling companion, especially on holiday when I usually ditch foundation altogether. It includes a Living Luminizer, Master Mixer (great as a cream shadow), Smile & Spell Lip2Cheek (Spell works well as a subtle bronzer on paler skin) as well as Cocoa Lip & Skin Balm.

Have you got an RMS favourite?



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