Facial massage: How and why I do it

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I’ve been aware of how beneficial facial massage can be from a young age – I owned a ‘Facial Workout’ book when I was still living at home: I left when I was 19! I’ve practised it on and off over the years and, more recently, had my first professional Natural Lift Facial Massage (you can read about that here: Natural Lift Facial Massage at Content Beauty).

The benefits of facial massage

Facial massage boosts blood circulation which helps enable our skin to repair itself from every day damage. Our circulation is vital to our overall health. It carries nutrients and hormones around our body and also helps get rid of toxins. Therefore, it will come as no surprise that one of the key factors of glowing skin is good circulation.

If you suffer from puffiness then using facial massage can help with drainage and flushing out any congestion.

How I use facial massage

As I mentioned, I have been aware for a long time of the benefits of facial massage and have sporadically used it on myself. It hasn’t been until recently, however, that I’ve found how to incorporate it in to my skincare routine on a daily basis.

I like to use an oil or a balm to cleanse my skin which makes the perfect lubricant for an express facial massage.

I warm the balm or oil in my hands before massaging into my skin. I use a couple of key movements. Using my fingertips I massage my skin from my jawline in an upward, circular motion, really concentrating on my jawline as it’s heading south rapidly!

I also move across my skin from the sides of my nose outwards (and slightly upwards). I tend to use the flats of my hands, in fact, more like the sides of my thumbs for this.

I massage around my eye area (along the socket bone) using my finger tips, taking care not to drag the delicate skin.

Not only does this boost the circulation to your skin, leaving it more receptive to the rest of your skincare routine, it also ensures you get a thorough cleanse.

If I have time, I like to apply a rich facial oil. My current favourite isĀ Aceso Antioxidant Luxe Face Oil which I was kindly sent from Botanyblend. This is perfect for facial massage as it feels silky on the skin with plenty of ‘slip’ which you want when you’re massaging as you don’t want to be dragging on your skin.

I apply the same techniques as I use when I cleanse, but spend a more time doing this.

Whether I spend a few minutes each day or dedicate more time to facial massage, I am convinced that I can see the benefit in my skin.

Do you use facial massage or is it something you’d like to start doing? Share any tips you have in the comments below.


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