Green People OY! Clear Skin Foaming Face Wash

I have two teenage sons who, over the years, I have tried to introduce to more natural and organic ‘beauty’ products. They will happily use pretty much anything that appears on the bathroom shelf.

Recently, my youngest son (who is sixteen) has been using the Green People OY! Clear Skin Foaming Face Wash, designed specifically for teen skin. I was very kindly sent some products from the OY! range last year, but it wasn’t until recently that my youngest started to take an interest in skincare. He is now addicted to the Face Wash – and I really mean addicted! He cannot be without it. Fortunately, our local health food shop stocks this (we have now bought three bottles from there) so I can make a quick dash when emergency strikes and he has none left!

I asked him if he’d do a review for my blog and this is what he said…

“I use the Green People OY! Foaming Face Wash in the shower every day. I shake it first and use four pumpsĀ  (I’m thinking he could cut that back a bit!) and massage over my wet face. It feels like it disappears into your skin (he told me that it can be left on to treat any problem areas, but he hasn’t done this). When I wash it off, my face feels fresh and clean. It doesn’t take much effort and helps keep spots away.”

Alex has very clear skin and he’s not prepared to see whether that’s just him or whether Green People’s OY! Clear Skin Face Wash is working some magic!

I have to say, for a brand to capture Alex’s attention, especially a skincare brand, they are doing something special. He is a very harsh critic. So well done Green People (although it is costing me a small fortune keeping him with a constant supply – I need to talk to him about using ‘four pumps’!)


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