How to start a (green) skincare routine

Skincare is a passion of mine; I love my skincare routine! I am aware, however, that this is not the case for everyone. I choose to use natural and organic products, which, is easier to do than you may think.

Many brands are guilty of ‘green washing’, where they give the impression of their product being natural or organic. This makes me really cross. The reality is that only a small proportion of ingredients needs to be natural to be able to market a product as ‘natural’. Obviously, people can use whatever works for them, but what does upset me is when they think they’re using a natural product and, in fact, they’re not.

Checking an ingredient list can be daunting! You’d be forgiven for thinking you need a Phd in Chemistry (Latin would come in handy too!) Don’t let this put you off. There is help out there!

I will list at the end some trusted retailers of natural and organic beauty products, along with some favourite brands of mine to help you if you want to dip your toe in the water of the ‘green beauty world’.

Myth: natural and organic skincare is expensive. It doesn’t have to be; there are many affordable brands to choose from. Myth: natural and organic skincare looks ‘rustic'(!). You can easily find luxury natural and organic products to rival high end designer brands. Most of those brands you will find online. Don’t let that put you off. Many offer a sample services and are available to contact for advice.

If you’re thinking of ‘cleaning up’ your current skincare routine, or even looking to start one, here’s a peak at mine.


An absolute must. Always. No excuses! How you do it, is a personal choice. For my normal, mature skin I like to cleanse with a balm or an oil. Yes, this does involve the use of a flannel or muslin, but please don’t let that put you off. I resisted this method for so long, but rarely use anything else now. It’s worked for me by stockpiling flannels. I prefer a flannel to a muslin cloth – I find the flannel more effective and perhaps a little softer.

I massage a small amount all over my face, including my lashes (this is a great opportunity for a spot of facial massage), before wiping off with a flannel soaked in warm water. More often than not I repeat this process (and have been known to go in for a third time). I occasionally use a balm as an overnight mask too.

If I can’t convince you to use a balm then I’m also partial to a gel cleanser. I tend to take a gel cleanser when I’m travelling or for a quick morning cleanse. To use, simply massage on to your face and rinse of with warm water. No cloth required.


I can’t say I see a difference in my skin when using a toner (or facial spritz), however, I love spritzing. I like to spritz after cleansing (along with numerous other occasions). It feels so refreshing and makes a great base for applying a facial oil.


I always use a facial oil. It’s my preferred way to moisturise. I use one both in the morning (I like to use a lightweight, fast absorbing oil if using before makeup) and in the evening (this can be the same oil, or something a little heavier). I have been using a light cream moisturiser with an SPF 30 in it for sun protection rather than the moisturising properties. I could easily skip a cream moisturiser.

That’s my basic routine. I do exfoliate (although haven’t during the summer months – I’ve also ran out of my current exfoliator). I do like to use the occasional face mask, but more often than not I use one of my (many) balms as an overnight mask.

Where to shop

Here are a few of my favourite online retailers where you can find many natural and organic beauty brands:

Content Beauty and Wellbeing, LoveLula, Glow Organic, Eco Beauty Crew, Cos Natural

Some individual brands that stand out for me (lots of these are available from the above retailers):

Budget(ish): Lyonsleaf, Balm Balm, Avril, Laidbare, Lavera, Skin Blossom, Weleda, Bloomtown, Jason, Sukin

A little more pricey: Bodhi and Birch, Evolve Beauty, Green People, Herbfarmacy, Therapi Honey Skincare, Odylique, Mallow and White, Neal’s Yard Remedies, Magic Organic Apothecary, Myroo Skincare, The Earth Works Cosmetics, Pai Skincare, Terre Verdi, BotanyBlend

I was recently contacted by Lyonsleaf to ask whether I would like to choose something from their range either for myself or for my readers. As I am already a massive Lyonsleaf fan, I have chosen something that I would like to give you the opportunity to ‘win’. Make sure you’re following me on Instagram (here) over the next few days for more information.


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